Alyssa Dalao’s newest single, ‘What is Love’

Embark on a journey with our latest single, ‘What is Love,’ a vibrant blend of electronic pop that tells the poignant story of a young girl seeking love in a digital age. Through pulsating beats and infectious melodies, the song unveils her quest for connection, finding solace in screens yet yearning for the true essence of love.

In the electronic pop symphony, envision our protagonist waiting and reading for her true love, creating a timeless anthem for romantics. ‘What is Love’ transcends entertainment, becoming a celebration of the human experience, resonating with those navigating the complexities of connection.

At the age of 14, Alyssa has been writing songs and performing at well-known venues such as RAC Arena, WA Museum, Perth Royal Show, Lynott’s Lounge, Rosemount Hotel, Bendant Basketball Centre and many more.

Alyssa Dalao is a musical artist whose work is inspired by the profound relationship between production and lyrics. She draws inspiration from acclaimed artists such as Jacob Collier and Beyoncé, whose musical prowess and artistic vision have greatly influenced her creative journey.

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