• Our Vision: A unified, thriving WA music sector that is both loved and acclaimed

    Western Australia’s peak music body, our mission is to cultivate and elevate the value of WA’s unique and diverse soundtrack for the benefit and enrichment of the artform and the community.

  • Membership: for Artists, Bands, Individuals and Business

    Benefits for artists, bands, individuals and businesses that support and inspire our WA music community.



The freshest updates on WA’s music scene.
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Championing the interests of WA's incredible artists since 1985

Our programs and activities are fundamental to the growth and development of West Australian music and are the bridge between new and emerging artists and the broader industry.

Professional Development

Providing opportunities for artists to develop their skills and reach their goals.

Youth &

Empowering young people to discover, engage and create original music.

Safety, Diversity & Inclusivity

Investing and working towards a safe, inclusive music sector for all.

Audience & Engagement

Building stronger audiences for WA artists and
their music.

Music in the

Engaging artists and communities in regional and remote locations.

WAM, The Music & The People

Take a peek inside our world.