Shannon Smith Debut Single Launch

Debut single with all the hype launching 17th October 2023

“Dance the Night Away” is an upbeat and energetic pop-soul / pop-rock song that’s infectiously catchy and toe tappingly satisfying.  Hailing from Fremantle WA, this first single from his debut solo album finds Shannon Smith in a melodic pop-soul frame of mind, sounding something like Van Morrison in an especially good mood.  Its well-crafted lyrics and emotive vocals create an engaging narrative, whilst the joyful melody and chorus make it a guaranteed listener favourite and one all mighty earworm!

Dance The Night Away is a toast to the first flush of romance. It’s the giddy feeling that comes with newfound love – ‘Let’s go driving down the freeway/Feel the wind blow through our hair/Leave our worries all behind us/We can dance the night away’. Spring is in the air and in his step and you can just feel the energy in the recording studio as the band vibes on the groove and the keyboards and horns flavour the song with soulful flourishes. Ain’t love grand? Sure sounds like it here.

Although this is Shannon’s debut single, he has been performing for many many years.  Raised within a musical family amidst an atmosphere of creativity and live performance, Shannon is a born and bred musician.  He has played thousands of shows in all manner of formats – including acclaimed tributes to the likes of Fleetwood Mac, ABBA and Beach Boys.

His ‘70s sensibilities are in the blood and bones of this multi-instrumentalist’s songs, which evoke the soulful climes of inspirational artists such as Steely Dan, The Beatles, The Eagles and 10cc, complemented by his deep love of Americana and alt-country music.

Even industry pros are singing his praises.

“I like that you could fit in a playlist with big artists like Charlie Puth and Jason Mraz yet you still sound unique”. – Chris Long – Manager, Mentor US (30+ Years A&R consultant to major labels)

“Outstanding” – Rider Records

“The song writing, production and vocals are stellar… It has us moving and grooving” – Afternoon Tea (Label)

“Finally, an amazing song with a great sound” – Curator (Panda Radio)

“Thanks for creating an amazing song, I don’t think it will ever get old” – Curator (Top Hits 2023)

“It’s always a pleasure for us to listen and write about good music such as yours” – João Gabriel Fonesca (Music Curator – Bananas Music Branding)

The song exudes incredible energy and absolutely nails the funk-soul style. The instrumental work is simply impressive, and the vocals are the crown jewel of this track. Shannon’s voice is truly masterful. He has a range and vocal power that are breathtaking. It’s a real treat for the ears. He has managed to create music that can touch the hearts of many listeners. Keep creating exceptional music like “Dance the Night Away” and keep us grooving to your infectious beat! – Music Curator (Good Panda Selection)

The river runs deep for Shannon and at this pivotal career moment, music continues to be the very air that he breathes.