WAM head to new home in Melville’s Goolugatup Heathcote

After more than 30 years based in the CBD of Perth and Northbridge, WAM find a new home in the City of Melville’s thriving Goolugatup Heathcote precinct.

WAM’s relocation to Goolugatup Heathcote comes at an exciting and transformational time for the organisation, marking a shift in the overarching strategy and ongoing focus for the organisation.

President of WAMAl Taylor noted the opportunity to lay down new roots for the organisation beyond the CBD came at the perfect time. ‘The City of Perth have been generous hosts and supporters of WAM for over 3 decades, but as an organisation servicing all of the state, moving beyond the Northbridge precinct is an opportunity to welcome wider community engagement and connect with artists and audiences that may not have interacted with us previously.’

‘WAM’s vision is to create an environment where West Australian artists can thrive, where their music is celebrated as diverse and unique, and the community can engage in the art form readily and easily – we truly believe our move to Heathcote is going to allow us to realise this vision even further,’ said Mr Taylor.

An advocate for the cultural, economic, and social benefits of a supported music scene, WAM’s long-term goal is for contemporary music to be recognised as a leading cultural identifier for Western Australia, and Melville is the next step in the organisation’s trajectory. Acting as a new creative space and home base for WAM and those who engage with the organisation, the already thriving art community within the Goolugatup Heathcote space offers the team boundless opportunities for collaboration with arts professionals as WAM continue to evolve their programs.

City of Melville Creative Producer Pete Stone said WAM is such an intrinsic part of the Western Australian music and arts landscape, and the opportunity to bring the organisation into the City of Melville is exciting and reflects Melville’s growing identity as an arts hub.

‘What we are doing here in the City of Melville and our strong connection to culture and elevating cultural experiences amongst the community really aligns with the diverse programs and events WAM bring to life so we jumped at the opportunity to welcome them to the City.’

‘As a place, Melville has such a thriving arts community and creative events calendar, particularly at Goolugatup Heathcote, and we can’t wait to see WAM really settle in as part of this cohort,’ said Mr Stone.

Images Photographer Rachel Claire.
Lead image [Left to right] WAM Vice President Geraldine Rey, WAM President Al Taylor, City of Melville Creative Producer Pete Stone.

In article [Left to right] Al Taylor, Geraldine Rey, Pete Stone.