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YMCA Local Music Business Development Officer

3 Jul

An exciting opportunity to be involved in the development of live music for all ages venue YMCA exists, the Local Music Business Development Officer offering salary packaging available up to $15,900 tax free, working for a community based organisation.  YMCA HQ Gig Space is Perth’s premier all ages music venue, providing live music experiences to over 30,000 young people every year. To date, the gig space has made up part of a multi-purpose space that included a skate park: with the ratification by the City of Vincent council to remove the fence around HQ and make the skate park a public space, YCMA’s focus is now on developing the Gig Space.

The YMCA Youth and Community Services is committed to developing the HQ Gig Space’s place within the local music community and ensuring it is utilised as and seen as a vital asset to the Perth music community and the local community in general. This fixed term part time (15 hours minimum per week until 30 June 2015) position will be responsible for assisting in the growth and development of the HQ Gig Space to meet these aims and to develop the YMCA’s involvement in live and local music.
This position will be focused on assisting the Community Arts Manager in the business, marketing and audience development and community engagement of the HQ Gig Space.
Key Responsibilities Include:
•    Working with the Community Arts Manager to conduct research and community and stakeholder consultation around the needs of all ages music in Perth.
•    Working with the Community Arts Manager to develop a new model for the running of HQ Gig Space that is in line with community needs and YMCA’s values.
•    Exploring and implementing new marketing and audience development strategies for YMCA HQ and all ages music in Perth.

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