Member Numbers

Member numbers be found in the welcome email when you join or renew, ie 140912B.
If you’re not sure if you have a current WAM membership login here using the email you signed up with and clicking the “Forgotten Your Password?” button. If needed you can renew your WAM membership once logged in.
If you’re joining WAM for the first time or your membership expired before February 2014, you won’t have an account to login to, so you can just join here. If you can’t find your confirmation email please call WAM on 9227 7962.
Please note School Age memberships don’t receive a member number as only paid WAM memberships receive access to the 3-for-1 offer.

Using Your Member Number in the SOTY Entry Form

Individual memberships have a “I” (capital i) at the end which some people are confusing for the number one or an L. If you just type it in exactly as is listed on the membership confirmation email then this will fix this problem.
Adding a space accidentally after their membership number means the SOTY form won’t recognise the number and activate the discount, ie 1412103I_. You just need to highlight and delete the space after the number and this will solve the problem.
Your member number should activate the 3-for-1 discount which you will be able to see the discount and total entry fee tally on the 2. Song Details page of the form. Please don’t proceed if your member number hasn’t activated the discount and try the options above.

Payments & Refunds

If you receive a payment error message, or have paid too much because your member code wasn’t activated, please contact Claire Hodgson at WAM: [email protected] or 9227 7962.