WAM fights fiercely for a fully inclusive local music industry where artists, industry professionals and consumers of all gender identities are provided with equal opportunities to explore music without fear of discrimination or harassment.

WAM strongly believes that anyone working within – or interacting with – any aspect of the music sector should feel safe and secure. We are committed to supporting the development of a vibrant, diverse, and inclusive community, through offering a series of Safety in Music initiatives and resources.

We resolutely support a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to discrimination, bullying, harassment or any other form of anti-social behaviour.

The task of achieving a safe environment is significant, complex, and ever-changing. By virtue of this challenge, it is an ongoing and evolving program, and we are committed to keeping the community informed of the progress and providing you with all and any relevant information and support resources.

If you or someone you know needs support or information, you can access a series of free WA-based services below:



The Diversity Committee was established by WAM to provide leadership, education and initiatives that foster a culture that is more inclusive and promotes diversity for the benefit of the sector as a whole. The Committee provides support and consultation to aid in the formulation, delivery and evaluation of diversity initiatives within the organisation and across its’ programs and activities.


To address growing awareness that women, trans and gender non-binary people are more susceptible to discrimination in the music industry, WAM founded the Gender Equity Working Group to raise awareness and drive new initiatives to progress gender and cultural equality.

The group was formed off the back of a series of meetings and forums held throughout 2017 and 2018 with women working in a broad spectrum of roles in the WA music sector. Through these meetings, WAM is able to capture an authentic view of the current issues and experiences of women, trans and non-binary people, and work alongside the community to develop active strategies to address discrimination.


Fair Play WA is an initiative aimed at improving gender equity in the WA music sector through understanding the lives experiences of individuals within the sector, conducting additional research, providing awareness, and presenting informed recommendations. The initiative stemmed from a series of forums and meetings with the Gender Equity Working Group, with the first Fair Play WA report released in 2021.

More information on Fair Play WA can be located HERE.


Established in early 2018, the Women’s Music Network (WMN) aims to provide a platform to empower women, trans and gender non-binary people in music through the development of supportive networks to uncover opportunities, share knowledge and encourage collaboration within music and the arts. In addition to  meetings across the calendar year, women, trans, and gender non-binary people in WA music are invited to join the WMN Facebook group to stay up-to-date on related news and upcoming events.


Keychange is an international campaign led by Reeperbahn Festival (Germany), PRS Foundation (UK) and Musikcentrum Öst (Music Centre East, Sweden) investing in emerging artists and striving for gender equality across all facets of the international music sector. In 2018, Keychange launched the Keychange pledge, calling on music organisations world-wide to sign up to a 50:50 gender balance pledge by 2022. WAM is proud to be a signatory of the pledge for WAMFest and WAMCon, with equality in programming strived for across all WAM activities and programs.

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The Girls Rock! program, which originated in­­­ the US and is now practised successfully around the globe, is a week-long day camp of instrumental instruction, band rehearsals, workshops, and fun activities designed to empower and inspire aspiring young female, trans, and non-binary musicians. WAM established the Girls Rock! WA Program in January 2019  and runs multiple activities and camps across the calendar year.

More information on Girls Rock! WA can be located here.