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WAM looks forward to Labor delivering promises to music industry

15 Mar

WAM would like to congratulate the Labor Party on the Election result, and we look forward to working together to help deliver the promises made to further WA’s music industry, which contributes almost $1 billion to the WA economy economically, socially and culturally, and accommodates almost 3,000 full time jobs.

WAM CEO Mike Harris said, “Music delivers significant economic, social and cultural enrichment to the lives of Western Australians, but that doesn’t happen without giving artists the ability to create and play their music. Investment in programs that support artists and the broader music sector are imperative as we want WA’s music scene to flourish.”

As published by The Music Network, the objectives Labor has promised to uphold relevant to WA’s music industry include:

  • Setting up a $3 million Creative Mind Fund to support the local music industry. Part of this would be to create links with the business in the rest of Australia and around the world.
  • Introduce planning reforms to protect existing live music venues, assist with development of new venues.
  • Task the Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority to develop and manage additional live music venues, identifying government buildings which could be used as creative hubs and introduce a State Planning Policy on live performance to streamline the approvals process for live performance venues.
  • Introduce new strategy including grants for local emerging artists.
  • Investigate ‘agent of change’ principles similar to those in Victoria, where the responsibility of noise mitigation will fall to a new development and not existing venues and residents.
  • Introduce a requirement that all sale documents for new developments in an existing entertainment precinct must inform buyers if they are moving near an entertainment precinct.
  • Amend the Liquor Control Act to add a new public interest assessment category which allows for a venue’s tourism, community and cultural benefits to be considered in licence applications “as part of their commitment to do more to encourage an arts friendly hospitality culture.”

At the launch of Labor WA’s music policy, Mark McGowan said: “The WA music industry is a strong contributor to our economy, every week, thousands of Western Australians visit music venues to watch WA bands, pumping millions into our economy.”


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