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WA music gig poster exhibition

25 Jul

As an experienced live music punter who has been present across the WA music scene since the mid-80s, Nikolai Graham has held onto a vast collection of illustrated music artwork spanning from gig posters, street posters as well as music ephemera. The selection of artworks range from not only the local scene but those gained from Australian musicians, poster artists, venues and shows, seen and heard across the globe over the past two decades.

As a part of Fremantle’s Hidden Treasures series the Placement exhibition will be displayed for the first time at PS Art Space Fremantle (PSAS) from 24 July- 9 August. Most pieces on display are for sale with select others open to offer.

Beginning his fascination with music and art at a young age, Graham learnt early of the history of the band poster medium from ‘sixties psychedelic styles in San Francisco to 80’s punk posters’. Since replacing traditional music-art mediums such as album covers, Graham maintains that the band poster is the perfect visual representation meshing both worlds.

the ramones_nikolai
Having learned the art of framing and curating several years ago, Graham has since worked to display these pieces for others to enjoy. Featured at the very centre of this musical heritage showcase is the eye-catching street poster from The Ramones tour in 1989(pictured), created by Richard Allen known for his artworks with Mambo Design.

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