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1 Jun



Perth punk rock icons Gyroscope are set to pull out an onslaught of old faves at SOTA, filled with lines we all know and love. Forming in 1997, the group has released four studio albums on major labels, chalked up multiple triple j Hottest 100 rankings, ‘Best Rock Album’ ARIA nominations and a heap of chart success. But it’s their live shows that are legendary, which is a good thing for this Monday…

Ahead of playing the FREE SOTA Festival this coming Monday 5 June – WA’s biggest celebration of WA music held at Elizabeth Quay as part of the WA Day Festival long weekend (times below)  WAM interviewed guitarist Zoran Trivic from Gyroscope on releasing an ultimate 360 degree vid of Doctor Doctor, their intimate gig in Bunbury this weekend, must-see acts at SOTA and more…

You have a special show coming up at Bunbury’s Prince of Wales the night before SOTA to celebrate your rock n’ roll friendship with Red Jezebel. Tell us about your history and how you helped shape each other?
I guess that when we were starting out we would share the stage a lot, particularly at in the Grosvenor Front Room. We learnt a heap from watching those guys night in and night out and respected their ability to write some killer tunes and back it up with a tight live show. I think Sail was my favourite track of theirs back in 99’ or so – us little Gyros were just 18 at the time, so it was pretty cool being of legal age to sink beers at the Gros and watch Red Jez. Thems was the days.

How is it seeing things like your 360 degree video of Doctor Doctor, and seeing how much things have changed over the years but how a song like that still makes everyone rock out so hard?!
Yeh technology is crazy these days, social media and all that jazz. That 360 degree video in particular was pretty eye opening, and yeh it was great to see people still tuning into doctor doctor more than a decade or so since it came about. I guess some of our fans have gotten older with us – its pretty cool.

With a number of shows played over the years, and a rehearsal studio now in the Gyro family ripe for practice…any chance of a more permanent reformation, including new songs?
I don’t feel like we need a reformation as we’ve never been apart, but its just that we’ve all gotten really busy with families of our own nowadays. Aside from Robby, three of us have been busy writing demos in between nappy changes the past few years and it has proven to slow the writing process down somewhat for us – but on the upside we’re ultimately on writing the shit we really want to hear. We’ve just finished recording some new stuff that we are super excited about and we are looking at having that out later this year. Fingers crossed.

Your must see act for SOTA this year?
Karnivool. Those guys are always impressing us – Another Perth band that has been around as long as us!

With so many great acts coming out of WA, do you think there is ‘something in the water’ that just breeds awesome?
Yeh this particular questions has popped up a lot over the years and I guess we always just put it down to isolation in Perth, in WA in general. I’ve always felt like there’s a crew of Perth bands that just get on with making music and don’t care too much for fads and trends, genres that come and go etc. We were told just last week that ‘rock n roll is so uncool at the moment’. I get it, some people don’t like guitar rock at the minute etc…but if that’s the case I want to be the un-coolest motherfucker out there – I don’t want to do something just because society tells us its cool at the moment. I guess thats how i see a lot of bands in Perth, just getting on about their own business and creating great and unique music without worrying about what the rest of the country, or even the rest of the world are doing.

Do you know WAM has a time machine? What advice would you give to your younger self as you were starting out in music?
I didn’t know that !?? I’d probably tell myself to enjoy as many of the good times in music for as long as you can, while you still can, and something corny like ‘these are the day’s of our lives’ !

In WA, your fave…
WA acts that have influenced you? Jebediah were probably the biggest influence that we had as a band in the early days. They were the band that showed us that we could be from an isolated city and still write, record and tour, and ultimately get to make music 24/7 as Perth musicians. We still have som much respect for those guys and gal today. Legends.
Music venue: Astor Theatre – we did a show there a couple years back, the vibe was epic and the sound was great in there – rad acoustics.
Record store: 78’s records. No explanation required
Gig you ever attended in WA: The Bronx (US) , Amplifier bar, Perth. about 2008.
Best spot for a quiet beverage: Carences Bar in Mt Lawley, chilled vibe, good beers.
Something you get homesick for when tour: My family.
Something that’s closed or gone that you miss: I actually really miss watching Rage back in the day when I’d get home from a gig late night and it was mostly alternative bands from the late 90’s. I’d stay up for as long as I could to see the next killer band, but nowadays I don’t even recognise Rage. I think its a sign that I’m getting older. My daughter will no doubt start letting me know what’s hip-to-the-groove these days. OMG.
Breakfast cure spot: Redman Coffee and Bacon House, Bedford. Perths best coffee and food !

What’s happening for you in the near future?
We are playing the Prince of Wales in Bunbury this Sunday with Red Jezebel, followed by the SOTA Festival on Monday !! We’ll be putting out the first new Gyro songs in about 7 years later in the year too, stay tuned.


SOTA Playing Times 2017

more-info-6SOTA Festival is proudly presented as part of the 2017 WA Day Festival, and co-presented by WAM. The sixth annual SOTA showcase will be held at Elizabeth Quay Monday 5 June, as part of the WA Day long weekend festivities with both under 18 and licensed areas. Best of all, it’s free!

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