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Our Soundtrack Our Stories | The Australian music industry’s call-to-arms

9 Aug


Australian Records Industry Association (ARIA) have launched a new National initiative calling for a public commitment from media and business to increase the inclusion of diverse local artists in the commercial and mainstream landscape. We’re incredibly proud to stand behind the initiative to support home-grown artists.

Our Soundtrack Our Stories is an open invitation from our country’s music community to the rest of Australia to discover, champion, share, and consume more local music. It exists to promote our artists, promote the enormous economic and cultural contribution of local music, and to ensure a bright, bold, diverse and exciting future for the next generation of musicians and music lovers alike.

The initiative arrives exactly one week after Jack River, real name Holly Rankin, posted the now viral call-to-arms for Australian media and business to get behind homegrown music as it struggles under the pressure of a new wave of lockdowns, all but eliminating prospects for live touring for the foreseeable future. The initiative calls for a public commitment from media and business to increase the inclusion of diverse local artists in the commercial and mainstream landscape.



  1. Share the artist assets provided by the initiative. ARTIST ASSETS

  2. Tag businesses that you would like to play more local music.

  3. Use your music to re-soundtrack iconic events.

  4. Create your own themed playlists and share with your fans that is music you would like to hear at your local supermarket.

Make sure you’re getting paid when your music is played!

There are two copyrights attached to music you release in Australia. Check out our handy guide on copyrights and royalties to make sure you’re registered to receive your hard earned pay!  RESOURCES: ROYALTIES & PUBLISHING


  1. Share the Our Soundtrack Our Stories social assets across all the channels that you use and share with friends and your favourite artists you are fans of to show your support. If you see a local business getting behind the initiative then like their posts as well!

  2. Get creative, as there are no limits to how you can get involved. Here are a few ideas that some of our team are doing:

    • Create themed playlists with all homegrown artists to share with your friends that soundtrack your everyday moments.

    • Tag five brands or businesses that you support and challenge them to play more local music.

    • Re-soundtrack iconic moments with local artists and their songs that you think would be great.

    • Set yourself a challenge to discover, play and share one or more local artists every day for a week.


  1. Make sure you are playing homegrown music in your store or business and obtaining the right licence, so that these artists can get properly reimbursed for their music, you can find out what licence is best applicable to your business by visiting OneMusic.

  2. Play a radio station that champions local artists.

  3. Seek out the services of a Background Music Supplier to help curate the sound of your business.

  4. Share any of the Our Soundtrack Our Stories social assets on your business and personal channels and encourage your followers to do the same.

  5. Set yourself a goal and share your commitment to using more local music and keep your followers up to date on your progress. Share your own personal wins, that is how we keep momentum and positive change!


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WAM is supported by the State Government through the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries and Lottery West, and is assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.