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LAUNCHPAD: WA’s biggest guide for local launches 15 – 28 June

13 Jun




There’s no better way to spend your weekend than by checking out some fresh local tunes! Here’s what’s coming up…


A fairly modest week in local launches, but hey, that just makes it all the easier to pick which to go to! Here are a couple of our top picks. Supremely talented multi-instrumentalist Benjamin Witt will unveil his latest lo-fi alt-rock single Kamakaze at Mojos Bar Fremantle Friday 15 June, with band the Benjamin Witt Quartet – giving you a taste of the sound to come on his upcoming album due for release later this year. If you’re looking for something heavier, prog-rock power trio Hyte are bringing the sound to The Boston for the launch of their EP Plastic Farm on vinyl on Friday 15 June.

  • Benjamin Witt Quartet – Single Launch
    With Rabbit Island, Business Partner, and Hame DJ
    When: Friday 15 June  |  Where: Mojos Bar, Fremantle
    Tickets: $10  |  More info: HERE
  • Hyte – Vinyl Launch
    With APOLLO 80, Lina Sleeps and Oceans (Alex Aitken)
    When: Friday 15 June  |  
    Where: The Boston, Northbridge
    Tickets: $8  |  More info: HERE
  • Toyotomi – EP Launch
    With MAX BLACK, and No Nomad
    When: Friday 15 June  |  Where: The Bird, Northbridge
    Tickets: $5  |  More info: HERE
  • Elli Schoen – Single Launch
    With Angus Dawson and Noah Dillon
    When: Saturday 16 June  |  Where: The Bird, Northbridge
    Tickets: $10  |  More info: HERE
  • Claudi Tripp & Robert Hinton - Video Launch
    With Keeley Connolly Band and Reuben De Melo
    When: Thursday 21 June  |  Where: Four5Nine, North Perth
    Tickets: $5  |  More info: HERE



Plenty for every music taste to enjoy this week… Telete is dishing up a double heaping of their delectable dreamy pop vibes at The Bird Friday 22 June for the release of their new EP SpectatorDuncan Saige’s captivating vocals and acoustic surf-pop styling will be on show for the release of his latest single Pumping Up My Life at The Odd Fellow, Fremantle on Saturday 23 June. Folk angel Tanaya Harper will set up in Rhubard Records Vinyl Cafe on Monday 24 June for the launch of her much awaited debut EP Some Kinds, an intimate and personal compilation that combines tender instrumentation with lush harmonies. And get your stank face ready, because filthy funk-jazz rockers Flyball Gov’ner are full of musical mischief ahead of their Purpose Built EP launch Saturday June 23 at The Boston.

  • Lincoln Mackinnon & The Wrecking Train – Single Launch
    With Kat Wilson Trio, Dawesville Cut and New Nausea
    When: Friday 22 June  |  Where: The Odd Fellow, Fremantle
    Tickets: $10  |  More info: HERE
  • Mal De Mer – Single Launch
    With Grenan Dawley, Man Sandal (fka Belgrade), and Grace Armstrong
    When: Friday 22 June  |  Where: Four5Nine, North Perth
    Tickets: $7  |  More info: HERE
  • Telete – EP Launch
    With Tanaya Harper, Izatang, Sakidasumi, and DJ Lindsay Slohand
    When: Friday 22 June  |  Where: The Bird, Northbridge
    Tickets: $5  |  More info: HERE
  • Duncan Saige – Single Launch
    With Noah Dillon, King Ibis, and DJ Sweets
    When: Saturday 23 June  |  Where: The Odd Fellow, Fremantle
    Tickets: $10  |  More info: HERE
  • Flyball Gov’nor – EP Launch
    With Ella Munro Band, The Ivory Lies, and YALLA YALLA
    When: Saturday 23 June  |  Where: The Boston, Northbridge
    Tickets: $10  |  More info: HERE
  • Jere Sosa – EP Launch
    With Johanna Grace (GOOD GRACE) and Reuben & Olivia
    When: Saturday 23 June  |  Where: Clancy’s, Fremantle
    Tickets: $10  |  More info: HERE
  • Dave Sonntag – Album Launch
    When: Sunday 14 June  |  Where: Settlers Tavern, Margaret River
    Tickets: Free  |  More info: HERE
  • Tanaya Harper – EP Launch
    With Stella Donnelly, Grace Sanders, Sam Rocchi and Lo
    When: Monday 24 June  |  Where: Rhubarb Records Vinyl Café, Leederville 
    Tickets: $23.50  |  More info: HERE
  • The Kramers – Album Launch
    With Dumbleachers, Supernaked, Heavy Flow, Playground, Lucas, and Lewis Rice O’Donnell
    When: Wednesday 27 June  |  Where: Mojos Bar, Fremantle
    Tickets: $10  |  More info: HERE
  • Fraeya – Band Launch
    With Jonny Burrows (of Fox Scully), Racoo, New Nausea, and DJ Chipslut
    When: Thursday 28 June  |  Where: Mojos Bar, Fremantle
    Tickets: $5  |  More info: HERE
  • Turtle Bay Televison – EP Launch
    With DIY Rainclouds, Telete, and Simone & Girlfunkle
    When: Thursday 28 June  |  Where: The Bird, Northbridge
    Tickets: $5  |  More info: HERE

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