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Introducing WAM’s 2018 Board & 2017 Annual Report Released

21 May


Member News

Impressive numbers of WAM Members met at Universal Bar last Thursday for WAM’s Annual General Meeting, where they voted in the 2018 board and received the 2017 Annual Report.

Fourteen nominees covering a broad range of skills and experience all had eyes on WAM’s 2018 board, making this year’s election the most contended in recent history. With so much competition, nominees lobbied for support from WAM Members in the lead up to the AGM; helping bring more people out to have their say.

We’re thrilled to welcome this year’s new elected board members Aysha Amani (2 years), Kylie Thompson (1 year), and Sam Cutri (1 year), and appointed member Steve Castan. Congratulations as well to re-elected members Toby Browne-Cooper (2 years) and Chris Edmondson (2 years) for holding their positions.

We’d also like to thank outgoing board members Louise Scott, Jacob Snell, and Mark Spillane for their valuable contribution to WA music.

Here’s what WAM’s 2018 Board looks like:

  • Al Taylor (Former Chairman & Group Managing Director, 303 Mullenlowe) – President
  • Noah Shilkin (Owner, Sonic Lolly) – Vice President
  • Bel Skinner (Owner, RedRock Music) – Secretary
  • Steven McCabe (Director, KPMG’s Restructuring Services Team) – Treasurer
  • Anton Mazandarani (Marketing Manager, WAAPA; Co-founder Death Disco)
  • Chris Edmondson (Presenter and Producer, ABC Local Radio – Albany and Great Southern; Lecturer Music Industry Studies, South Regional TAFE)
  • Toby Browne-Cooper (Managing Director, Oryx Consolidated)
  • Aysha Amani (CEO, ARTISTICSOUL)
  • Kylie Thompson (Owner, Sorrento Strategic Music)
  • Sam Cutri (Lecturer, SAE)
  • Steve Castan (Human Rights Lawyer & Philanthropist)

WAM CEO Mike Harris said, “I’m excited to be working with this new board to deliver great outcomes for WA music. Thanks to outgoing members and all those that stood for nominations in a very highly competitive process. The next couple of years will be an exciting time for the local sector.”

With so many worthy contenders for WAM’s 2018 board, President Al Taylor encouraged those that were unsuccessful to stay engaged and continue working with WAM within new strategic “portfolios” to champion WA music.

2017 ANNUAL REPORTScreen Shot 2018-05-21 at 2.26.33 pm
The 2017 Annual Report provides a snapshot of the programs, events, and initiatives undertaken by WAM last year; highlighting key results and achievements from what was a groundbreaking year.


Highlights include:

  • WAM lobbied WA Government to ensure the promise of a “Contemporary Music Fund” was delivered, which can be tied back to earlier research work WAM did with ECU to value the WA music industry.
  • Rachael Davidson has been working with WAM to produce Australia’s first “Audience Development Plan”.
  • Much needed IT upgrades were made through grants from DLGSC and Lotterywest.
  • WAMFest and other programs were expanded; delivering more development opportunities for WA artists and drawing more people out to support WA music.
  • WAM finished the year in surplus.

Government of Western Australia Department of Culture and The ArtsGovernment of Western Australia Department of Culture and The Arts

WAM is supported by the State Government through the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries and Lottery West, and is assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.