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Interview with Song of the Year nominee Bolt Gun

25 Apr

Bolt Gun has been multi-nominated for WAM Song of the Year 2017-18 with their track ‘Man is Wolf to Man Part 1’ in the Experimental category and ‘Man is Wolf to Man Part 2’ in the Heavy/Metal category. Today Andrew has taken the time to have a quick chat with WAM about where Bolt Gun originated from, their genre and how they’re influenced by suffering. Also, find out their RTRFM In The Pines set time and what to expect from their set.

Tell us about Bolt Gun, how long have you been a band and did Bolt Gun originate from another act or have a different form previously?
Our first release (Exit as a Swarm) came out in August of 2014, which we started writing early 2014, so we’ve been active for almost 4 years now. Prior to that it was just a solo project of mine and more of a homage to bands like Brighter Death Now and Skinny Puppy.

Myself, Jono and Val were all members of a band called Memoria and always worked well together, so it was our intention to work on something else if the opportunity came along. Our drummer Talya is an old friend as well and has a really different musical background to the rest of us, which adds a nice dynamic for us.

Man is Wolf to Man is an incredible 2 part album. Can you please tell us about where the inspiration and concept came from and what influences you drew from during the writing of this album?
There were a lot of influences for Man is Wolf to Man, I’m a huge admirer of Konstantin Lopushansky’s films, particularly “Museum Visitor” and a lot of the music was written to suit scenes from that film. Lyrically the album took inspiration from Janusz Bardach’s memoir, also called “Man is Wolf to Man”, and Danzig Baldaev’s “Drawings from the Gulag”. Thematically we tend to look at suffering in a broad sense, like genocide, factory farming or domestic violence, and then find the personal stories within it.

You have been nominated in the Experimental category for ‘Man Is Wolf to Man Part 1′, and ‘Man Is Wolf to Man Part 2′ in the Heavy/Metal category for Song of the Year. How would you describe your genre and how do you feel about these nominations?
I think much of our sound is attributed to a fairly shameless worship of bands like Swans, Einstuerzende Neubauten and various doom and black metal bands. We tend to look at ourselves as desperately trying to combine heavier/confronting music with more cinematic and experimental song structures, definitely a work in progress.

It’s great to be nominated for two WAM awards, certainly when we started Bolt Gun we assumed that maybe 3 people would be into it, so it’s surprising but also really humbling.

What time are you playing In The Pines and what should punters expect from your set?
We are on at 2:30, you can expect to see 4 people producing noise and screaming a lot and basically just trying to keep it together.


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Catch Bolt Gun at RTRFM’s In The Pines this Sunday, April 29 at 2.30pm.

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