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gravy murphy

Interview: Gravy Murphy – Playing RTRFM’s Phase

21 May

Ahead of Phase, the premiere of an RTRFM night that sees electronic producers and DJs taking to the decks at Northbridge’s Geisha on Friday 29 May, WAM had a chat to Gravy Murphy about his music, inspirations and favorite electronic/hip hop acts, plus who is the most likeliest to first pass out at said event…

A history in brief:
I have been pretty chuffed on getting my first 2 release played on community stations around Australia. I never expected these tunes I was messing around with to get such a warm reception. I was recently nominated (but didn’t win) for a WAM Song Of The Year award in the electronic category. I began experimenting with recording during a course at SAE in sound production in 2012, having been a vinyl collector and occasional DJ from an earlier age. Have 2 former EPs released, Whereabouts are Your Whereabouts (2013) and EP2 (2014), with another longer EP/ short album coming later this year.

Your sound?
My sound has been labelled, experimental, electronica, post rock, hip hop, techy breaks and chill out. Influenced by all sorts (only some would translate) Krautrock – 90’s underground hip-hop, phych/garage (Not UKG), Rephlex records artists, Warp Records, Stones Throw, Ninja Tune etc.

Production processes?
I record instruments on Pro Tools, but create my songs mostly on Ableton. I use a Korg MS20, Moog Sub Phatty, Nord rack 3, Push, launch control, guitar, ukulele, VST plug-ins (virtual instruments). I don’t have particular way or process that I follow to make the tracks I just experiment/jam, playing around till play some parts I like then build around them. Recently the synth lines seem to be shaping up 1st and I build around them and layer the synths, sometimes layering mono synths to use them as poly synths.

How does your music hit the stage/booth?
I just take my controllers on stage and launch clips of my recordings and mix/remix/effect them on the spot.

Most surreal/random/funny thing that’s ever happened during your set?
I only have 3 live sets behind me. No surreal happenings as yet unfortunately. Or fortunately whichever way you look at it.

Your secret weapon to get out of bed the morning after a massive set?

Fave electronic/hip hop acts in WA and why?
Arvo Tanty, Omega is the Alpha, Atripat, Phil Arbon, Lower Spectrum all doing great things!

Best set you’ve ever done in WA and why?
Gig in the Bird with Timeofhex, Omega is the Alpha, and Phil Arbon. All such great different acts aurally and visually.

How important is RTRFM to you/your music?
Massively. They have shown overwhelming support from the 1st music submission to them back when they had no reason to listen to my 1st attempt at production other than it’s what they do. Their support helps artists confirm that they are not wasting their time.

Who is the most likely act/industry figure at RTRFM’s Phase show to:
Get the biggest hands-in-the-air reception
? Phil Stroud
Trainwreck? Craig Hollywood
Draw the first crazy moves onto the dancefloor? Will Bixler
Spill something over the DJ booth? Craig Hollywood
Pass out before the night’s over? Me

What’s happening for you in the near future? Once the new release is ready I think I’ll do a launch but not sure where or when yet.

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More info on RTRFM’s Phase here.

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