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Fly By Night to remain in Freo

20 Feb


UPDATE: 27 Feb

Amongst the recent domino effect of Perth live music venues closing down from Deville’s Pad to The Bakery, the Fly By Night Musicians Club has struck gold, announcing they will remain in Freo.

On Wednesday evening, Fremantle’s Strategic and General Services Committee voted unanimously in favour of leasing Victoria Hall to the Fly By Night Musicians Club.

The decision will see the Fly shift to the heritage listed building and stage community programming plus national touring acts in the 260 capacity space.

“We are very much looking forward to this new chapter for the Fly” said General Manager John Reid. He adds, “Vic Hall is a smaller capacity room, so we need to re think our business model but largely, we are just feeling optimistic and excited about the future ahead for the Fly”.

Last year the National Trust notified the Fly By Night Musicians Club that they would not be extending their lease in the Artillery Drill Hall and putting the building out to tender. It posed the Fly with a potentially grim future, given that Fremantle had been so much a part of the Fly’s culture.

“Moving to another iconic venue, just a few doors down the road means that we can keep the Fly culture alive in Fremantle, as well as utilising the beautiful Victoria Hall space & further activating Freo’s East End” explains Reid.

The Fly has one final week of events in the Artillery Drill Hall, with a jam packed program of local and national talent to close out a 28 year run at the venue.

The venue would like to extend their appreciation to all the Fly supporters, old and new who have been incredibly supportive during this transitional time. They look forward to re-opening their doors as well as “continuing the Fly mission of creating a healthy community through music and providing a unique experience for artists and music lovers alike”.

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With all this doom and gloom surrounding local venue closures in the air these last few weeks, it’s great to end the week on a high; Iconic Fremantle institution the Fly By Night Musician’s Club will continue to serve the local music scene after the City of Fremantle Strategic and General Services Committee unanimously supported a short-term lease to the club at the city-owned Victoria Hall. The lease agreement will enable the ‘Fly’ to continue its 28 year tenancy in Fremantle until at least 2017. Which is excellent news for all lovers of music!

Fremantle Mayor Dr Brad Pettitt said retaining the Fly was critical for Fremantle’s arts scene, especially at a time when many of the more established arts organisations have either disappeared or are struggling. “It’s a tough time for arts organisations so we’re delighted to be able to offer up Victoria Hall to ensure the club will remain in Freo,” Dr Pettitt said. “The Fly has not only been in Fremantle for 28 years, but it has nurtured Fremantle‘s famous music scene for that time with over 150 events a year. We now look forward to seeing how we can make Victoria Hall work for them and for the local music scene more broadly.

The Fly will relocate from the Fremantle Drill Hall to Victoria Hall (179 High Street) in March 2015, joining with fellow arts organisations to create a community hub to support the arts in Fremantle. The new arrangement will provide the Fly and its partner organisations access to program and community funding that the City of Fremantle hopes will inspire the growth of a new central arts space. The use of Victoria Hall and Hobbs Bar will continue to serve community events and support local businesses in the High Street precinct.

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