Wonderland 2016

Wonderland 2016

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Saturday 3 December 1pm - 10:45pm

Kitchener Park, Woodlands, Subiaco

Audience: 18+

Ticket Prices: $39 - $150

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With the Jack Rabbit Slim’s Jamboree Band Comp winner as well as more local acts to be announced taking the stage,  let the wild rumpus begin with the sixth Wonderland party pilgrimage announced. For the first time since that hurrah in the bushland at Belvoir, they’re leaving behind the rivers and seas to journey back inland…

Trek with them on Saturday 3 December to WA’s Subiaco’s Kitchener Park, an urban hideout with lush greenery and wildlife at every turn. Follow the winding trails deep into the centre of the forest, where you can will dance like fireflies, feast like kings, drink like lizards, dress like dazzling creatures, and run wild with fabulous humans….we shall call ourselves ‘The Wonderpeople’.

On a stage curtained by towering pine trees, a most fantastic flock of music-making creatures will entertain us with their talented trickery, dancing and romancing us deep into the night.

Bow to your forest kings and queens…

Winner of Jack Rabbit Slim’s Jamboree Band Comp + Local acts still TBA