RTRFM 92.1’s In The Pines 2018

RTRFM 92.1’s In The Pines 2018

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Sunday 29 April 11:00AM - 10:00PM

Somerville Auditorium - University of Western Australia

Ticket Prices: $40

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RTRFM’s local music fest will take place once again in the idyllic surrounds of UWA’s Somerville Auditorium, featuring 20 of Perth’s best across two stages.

Returning to the In The Pine stage, 25 years after they played the first ever Pines, ROSEMARY BEADS are ready to bring their melodic, moody vibes to the stage once again. Having reformed a number of years ago now, seeing the Rosemary Beads is still an ultimate pleasure.

Lovers of the weird and wonderful, RTRFM celebrates those who do things differently, FURCHICK is Perth’s premier experimental artist, someone who changes the way we think about instruments and how music can be composed. Join her and her band of musical misfits as they take us on a sonic journey. Furchick will also be running musical instrument making workshops for our younger punters throughout the day, inviting them on stage to play when done.

THE TOMMYHAWKS are one of Perth most exciting live bands. Their energy is infectious and they bring their magical pop/indie tunes to the Somerville with the energy we want and the energy we need on WA Music’s day of days.

Neo-soul wunderkids DEMON DAYS have been kicking around Perth for just over a year and are part of a new crop of bands that continue to wonder with their spectacular grasp of their musical wants.

A band perhaps not known to everyone but one that made their mark in Perth around 2008, MILE END return to Perth and gigging for perhaps the last time for one special performance at In The Pines. Their epic 7 minute Rumblefish is one of those tunes that defines a space and time in WA music.

It would not be an In The Pines without a band that makes you sit up and say wow. BOLT GUN may just be that band. Their epic two track EP A Man is Wolf to Man blew RTRFM listeners away in late 2017. Sit back and enjoy the majesty of Bolt Gun. Bring your ear plugs.

Garage rock purveyors THEE LOOSE HOUNDS will bring their raucous, mind-blowing live show to In The Pines for 2018. Bands that live so close to the edge of it all going wrong are the best bands to watch and Thee Loose Hounds walk that fine line; a line they know very well.

After releasing one of the records of the year in 2017, not just locally but worldwide, NERVE QUAKES bring their post punk offerings to In The Pines 2018. Other worldly at times Nerve Quakes perfectly blend their punk pedigree with a new wave/post punk sound.

Lead by the majesty of Em Burrows, EM BURROWS & WEB RUMORS are a trip into a psychedelic wonderland with a collection of some of Perth’s best musicians. After releasing her first full length album, Invisible Seams this year, get ready for a sublime performance at In The Pines.

THE PIPELINE BAND hail from Northam and Kalgoorlie and will bring their song writing and story telling to the Somerville Auditorium. The brainchild of the Bartlett Brothers, they tell stories of country and culture.

LUCY PEACH is a formidable song writer and performer and she joins the In The Pines lineup for 2018. A songwriter of the highest quality, Lucy blends pop and folk seamlessly with her reverent and witty lyricism.

One of Perth’s most exciting new bands GRIEVOUS BODILY CALM will bring a sense of class to the Somerville stage with their mesmerising, hypnotic jazz sounds. Lead by drummer Alex Reid, Grievous take the notion of jazz and turns it around to make music you can dance and sway to.

TREEHOUSES, blend heavier sounds with spoken word poetry to magical effect. Their music is hard to define as any good band should be. One of the newest bands to grace the In The Pines stage, they show us the future of WA music.

Having reformed recently to play with Abbe May, SEX PANTHER are set to bring their no thrills rock to In The Pines. Full of attitude, full of bravado, full of talent, Sex Panther hark back to a simpler time in Perth music, a time when the Hydey was the place to be and Myspace was the only way to listen.

The brain child of Hideous Sun Demon front man Vin Buchannan, TERRIBLE SIGNAL are set to bring their quick fire, full frontal indie pop to the Somerville Auditorium. Vin’s distinct vocals and Australiana tinged song writing have found a home on the RTRFM airwaves this year, and will take their rightful place among the Pines.

RTRFM’s favourite son MATHAS will make his very long overdue Pines debut. One of Australia’s finest wordsmiths, Mathas is everything that is wonderful about the WA music scene: talented, humble and fully aware of the country in which he lives. Mathas will be joined by long time collaborators for a full band experience.

Perhaps one of the most exciting and talented bands to come out of Perth in the last few years, FOAM are bringing their blistering live set to In The Pines. To call them grunge would be an
understatement, as proved by their massive 2017 release Coping Mechanisms, they go beyond that to make genre bending noise.

Perth’s finest purveyors of alt country story telling, THE KILL DEVIL HILLS join the 25th In The Pines lineup, a good six years since their last appearance. Their authentic drawl and honest song writing will perfectly resonate through the Somerville.

Adding to our list of reformed faves is UMPIRE & MUKIAZAKE. A group of mates in different bands all come together to make the best kind of pop music. Umpire (Geoff Symons, Simon
Struthers, Michael Lake, Josh Watkins) formed in 2006 and immediately became RTRFM favourites, but we haven’t seen them live for well over five years. Mukiazake sees the 3/4 of
Umpire joined by Dan Erickson (Blue Tile Lounge). They will play special set, featuring a combination of songs from both outfits.

ABBE MAY stands without peer in the Australian music scene, and has risen to new musical heights with the release of her most recent album Fruit – one of her finest works to date. Abbe
May delivers her music with heart and soul, and we can’t wait to experience it at In The Pines.

Celebrate with us as we bring you IN THE PINES for the 25th year with this year set to be one of the best yet. 25 years of local music at the best venue in Perth, you can not go wrong.

With 10 hours of local music against a stunning background, In The Pines is a perfect place to picnic with friends and get amongst it! Delicious food and drink options will also be available for those that want to dance freely.

We’ll be broadcasting all the happenings live on your radio from 11am-10pm at 92.1, on digital and online at rtrfm.com.au.

Presale tickets are available from now at $35 for RTRFM subscribers and $40 for general public. Tickets can be purchased from rtrfm.com