Meet the WAMily!

Comprised of individuals that have been involved in diverse sectors of the industry, WAM’s staff are passionate about the WA music community and the people and organisations within it. Working as a team, our staff are committed to providing support, opportunities and initiatives to improve the economic viability, vibrancy and cultural creativity of the WA music industry. Have any questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Delilah Walsh

Membership Officer

Delilah is a highly proficient arts administrator with years of experience.  She has also owned ...

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Em Burrows

Audience Development Officer

Holding a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in English from The University of Western Australia and a ...

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Matt Johnson

Regional Assistant

Matt is a sought after industry professional with years of experience under his belt. Starting ...

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Honor Gleadow

Admin Officer

Honor is a passionate music fan at the start of her career in the industry. Discovering her ...

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Natasha Collier

Chief Executive Officer

Natasha Collier is an accomplished, connected and proactive arts professional that has spent ...

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Ellen Oosterbaan

Marketing & Communications Officer

Ellen has been an active and passionate member of the local music community for over a decade, ...

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Livia Carré

General Manager

Livia is a member of Chartered Accountants Australia with over 20 years’ experience in ...

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Nigel Bird

Regional Officer

Nigel started as WAM’s Regional Officer in 2003, and since then has completed projects in every ...

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Claire Hodgson

Program Manager

Claire is a passionate music industry all-rounder who has built a hefty portfolio of skills ...

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Georgia Kennedy

Development Manager

Georgia is a fundraising and development professional with a long and varied career across a ...

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