As of mid-2015, and as a not-for-profit organisation, WAM has been granted deductible gift recipient status. So what does that actually mean?

This change of status now allows WAM to accept donations to the WA Music Fund, allowing WAM to deliver its current projects and activities, as well as create new ones. Any donation you make to the WA Music Fund is tax deductible.


Achieving DGR status means that WAM has a new way to source vital funds to enable the delivery and expansion of key programs and services to the WA community.

It will allow donors the opportunity to contribute to some incredibly meaningful and impactful programs, helping to make a real difference to the artistic aspirations of Western Australians, as well shaping the positive community, cultural, economic and health flow-on effects that the creation and appreciation of original music can have.

WA has an outstanding reputation as a source of unique and enduring musical talent, and technological changes over the past two decades have broken down the sense of isolation we once experienced in the West. Despite this, WA is still a tough place to be an artist. Playing live beyond the Perth metro area and touring to the east coast remains an enormous challenge, yet playing live to new audiences has never been so important. WAM delivers programs and services to help address this, and provides opportunities that would otherwise be beyond reach.

WAM’s programs, particularly those that deliver community benefit, also include those that provide opportunities for regional WA artists to realise their musical potential and explore their creative side.

Help us to help artists from across this state to realise their dreams and creative aspirations, thus playing an important role in enriching the cultural fabric of WA.

All donations of $2 and more are tax deductible, and your donation to the WA Music Fund just might change somebody’s life.

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We’re still working on the technical aspects to make donations to the WA Music Fund as easy as pressing a button. For the moment, you can directly transfer funds to:

Name: The West Australian Music Industry Association Inc.

BSB: 036-004

Account: 505799

Please send us an email to [email protected] with your name and address so we can receipt your donation.


General queries about donations, please email [email protected]