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5 Minutes with Adrian Dzvuke | WAMFest 2019 Edition

17 Oct

Adrian Dzvuke is one of Perth’s most exciting performers at the moment, shaking up the scene with every show he executes. We wanted to chat with him ahead of his performance at WAMFest so you can learn even more reasons to catch his set at the STC Courtyard on November 2.

Tell us a bit about yourself and how you got started in your music career. 

Well, my name is Adrian Dzvuke, I’m 23 years young and a uni student/artist I guess?

I think I’ve just always been around music… my Dad loved collecting CDs and blasting music in the house during the weekends and over time I really got into it as well. It was all mainly contemporary Christian/Gospel music, the likes of Kirk Franklin, Maranatha Music etc. One Sunday when I was 13, the church drummer was unavailable and my dad randomly got me to fill in, even though I had no idea what I was doing back then. I really enjoyed it and realised I had some sort of rhythm, so it became a weekly thing and eventually I got better. I then taught myself how to play the keyboard on Youtube and this sparked my passion for creating and producing my own music, as I started playing around with different digital audio workstations.

How did you become immersed in the world of rap? Did someone or something nurture this interest from a young age? 

I was never into Rap whilst growing up but after my friends started listening to it, I started getting into it and really appreciating it. I definitely would not call myself a rapper though.  I do draw a lot from the genre but I am also interested in literally every other genre as well. I think genres are not as strict as they used to be – especially in pop music. There’s a bit of everything in most records nowadays.

Have you got any other major musical influences or people who inspired you growing up?

I’d say the artists who have influenced me the most are Kanye, Frank Ocean, Drake, Childish Gambino and most recently Burna Boy.  I think this is because they’re constantly changing what the “norm” is, and that inspires me.

You write and produce your own tracks. What got you interested in producing and can you tell us a bit about your music making process? 

One day I went over to my friend’s house and he was playing with this software called “Mixcraft”. He would spend hours on it and it actually really annoyed me because I just wanted to play video games. I eventually downloaded it on my computer and discovered all the sounds and loops I could play with and that was the thing that got me into producing. It usually starts with a voice note with me, then I’ll go figure out the chords on the keyboard and then translate it into whatever software I’m using and just go from there. It’s different every time though.

You’ve shared the stage with the likes of POND and Winston Surfshirt, not to mention you played Groovin’ the Moo 2019. Having played such an extensive range of gigs, what have been some of the standout live moments from your career so far? 

This year has definitely been a blessing. There’s been so many exciting moments but if I have to pick I’d say the Hickey Hardware gig at the Alex Hotel was definitely one of my favourites. Everyone involved was so lovely and the setting was amazing as well. Also got to meet Kevin Parker for the first time and the conversation I had with him was really inspiring. Supporting Pond was also another highlight, the guys are probably some of the nicest and most humble guys I’ve met.  I was privileged to have a chat with Nick about pretty much everything which also really gave me a bigger perspective of the music industry and even just life in general to be honest. It’s so inspiring being around people like that. 

What can we expect to see from you in the near future? 

I am currently working on a lot of new material so hopefully everyone interested will get to hear it soon.

Lastly, who are you most excited to see play at WAMFest 2019?

Dulcie, Your Girl Pho, Grace Barbe,  Mali Jo$e & Butter.

Catch Adrian at The Bird on November 2 for his WAMFest showcase and check out more from him at the links below!




INSTAGRAM: @adriandzvuke

TWITTER: @adrian_dzvuke


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