Gemma Farrell Quintet Album Launch

Join Gemma Farrell Quintet for a night of modern jazz and fusion as they launch their third album ‘Electronic’ at Lyric’s Underground.

Featuring the talents of Sam Hadlow on trombone, Dan Garner on guitar, Lucy Browning on bass, and Ryan Daunt on drums, the Quintet will be led by the incomparable Gemma Farrell.

Renowned for her mastery across all four saxophones, that night she’ll be pushing the boundaries by also jamming on the EWI (Electronic Wind Instrument).

Invented in the ‘80s by Nyle Steiner, hear Gemma effortlessly navigate the EWI’s synthesized sounds, thanks to her custom-made 3D instrument crafted in Sweden by Johan Berglund.

From mimicking traditional woodwinds to crafting entirely new sonic landscapes, get set for a night of smooth jazzy grooves and unforgettable music.