Mace Francis Orchestra: No Postcode Album Launch

From big band jazz to funk, rock, noise guitar, ambient sounds, and dark country influences, you’ll hear it all on stage as the Mace Francis Orchestra launches their 10th album – No Postcode.

Written over the past six years, the six tracks on ‘No Postcode’ have taken on many iterations before landing on this release -MFO providing the canvas the Mace to express his many different musical influences, harmonies, and orchestral colours.

MFO has had a long list of revolving members since the band began in 2004, but five of the original members remain including Ricki Malet, Ben Collins, Mark Sprogowski, Catherine Noble and Greg Benton.

Full of memorable melodies, intriguing harmonies, and solos from some of Perth’s best musicians, you’ll lose track of time as you listen to ‘No Postcode’, forgetting any worries of the day.