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Yagan Square Call Out for WA Music Videos

28 Feb

WA artists are invited to submit suitable music videos to be screened on the iconic new Digital Tower at Yagan Square to celebrate and promote our local artists in WA. The music videos will be played in a quarter screen layout facing into the squareYagan Square Screen


Yagan Square is a showcase of WA in the heart of the CBD – a place that recognises and celebrates WA’s heritage, produce, environment and culture; representing the coming together of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal cultures and creativity that is unique to the city.


  • Music Videos must be suitable for the general public – G classification or equivalent
  • Content should have a cultural and community significance to WA which appeals to a wide audience.
  • Music Videos with quick camera pans and successive fast cuts will not work on the digital tower and are not able to be screened. Slower movement is best suited for the tower.

Content must not be libellous, defamatory, obscene, sexually, racially, culturally, or ethnically offensive, harassing, intimidating, threatening, hateful, discriminatory or abusive. Content must not be political, religious or commercial in nature. Music Videos must not contain any material not suitable for general viewing eg. glamourisation of drugs, alcohol, smoking, strong language or repeated mild language, sexual content, dangerous and imitable behaviour, depictions of suicide, horror/supernatural/mature themes, violence and nudity.


  • Dimensions: 1920 x 1080
  • MP4 container: H.264 encoded video, 12Mbps CBR
  • Audio: MP4 files can usually contain either MP3 encoded audio or AAC encoded audio (AAC preferred). It does not have to be a separate audio file, just the option selected when rendering the MP4 file. We also ask that all audio be OP59 compliant, meaning the entire project meters at -24LUFS/LKFS with a true maximum peak at -2DBFS


Please send files via digital delivery (dropbox, google drive etc) to
*Not all files will be screened

Government of Western Australia Department of Culture and The ArtsGovernment of Western Australia Department of Culture and The Arts

WAM is supported by the State Government through the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries and Lottery West, and is assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.