WAM fights fiercely for a fully inclusive local music industry where artists, industry professionals and consumers of all gender identities are provided with equal opportunities to explore music without fear of discrimination.

To address growing concerns that women, trans and gender non-binary people are more susceptible to discrimination in the music industry, WAM founded the Gender Equity Working Group to raise awareness and drive new initiatives that combat issues of inequality.

The group was formed off the back of a series of meetings held throughout 2017 with women working in music across a broad spectrum of roles. Through these meetings WAM were able to capture an authentic view of the current issues and experiences facing women, and uncover potential solutions that may help progress the industry. The meetings proved hugely insightful and have already lead to the development of further initiatives, including the Fair Play Report and the Women’s Music Network (WMN).

WAM strives to create safe, inclusive spaces for all that interact with music in Western Australia and tirelessly works to generate real action at the ground level.

Fair Play Report

Spearheaded by WAM Chief Executive Mike Harris and music journalist Jess Willoughby, the Fair Play Report will be the first of its kind in WA; investigating issues surrounding gender representation in the local music industry.

Findings from a series of surveys distributed following WAMFest 2017 will also be released as part of the upcoming report; featuring data from both music consumers and performers of all genders.

Through the release of this report WAM hopes to shine a light on the gender equity issues underpinning the West Australian, and by greater extension, Australian music industry – paving the way for groundbreaking change.

Women’s Network Meeting (WMN)

Established in early 2018, the Women’s Music Network (WMN) aims to provide a platform to empower women, trans and gender non-binary people in music through the development of supportive networks to uncover opportunities, share knowledge and encourage collaboration within music and the arts.

Meetings will take place every two months, with a new key note speaker stepping up each time and sharing their story, insight, and advice with the group. Special editions of Women’s Music Network will also be held throughout the year to take advantage of any interstate or international speakers available.

In addition to regular WMN meetings, women, trans, and gender non-binary people in WA music are invited to join the WMN Facebook group to stay up-to-date on related news and upcoming events.