WAM recognises that West Australian music is a truly valuable part of our state’s social fabric and we are shouting this from the rooftops to anyone that will listen.

Having close relationships with government and the industry, including via the establishment the Music Council, WAM actively advocates on behalf of the WA music industry to create an environment where music is a more sustainable career, no matter what part you play. Through consultation with the local industry, different levels of government and our national counterparts, two key elements have been identified as a focus for WAM’s primary advocacy activities:

Live Music

We believe the performance and enjoyment of live music is integral to a healthy society and we value the venues and events that provide these opportunities. We are working to see live music being recognised as key to a healthy and safe social environment, and reducing barriers to having live music in our local venues. Get in touch if you want to help us get live WA music back into our local venues.

Specifically, we aim to have music recognised as an important part of our social fabric in order to:

  • Get live music recognised as low-risk to simplify the approval process for small events
  • Reduce red tape for venues to hold performances
  • Create an environment of pre-emptive advice on noise issues, rather than reactionary punishment
  • Provide information on the building codes and requirements tailored to live music
  • Support a grant program for venues and events to hold all-ages events

Hands-on Industry Training

Industry education through our established institutions is a fantastic starting point for people to start their career in the music business. However, due to the disaggregated nature of the industry, and the fantastic entrepreneurial small businesses that support it, getting hands-on, practical experience is really difficult for students and graduates. Our industry guides around the country have identified this as a challenge to developing a stronger position in the future and are calling for a coordinated internship program as a way of bridging this learning gap. We are working with our counterparts around Australia on developing a program for shopfront businesses and larger music bodies to help develop the next generation of the music business.

Gyroscope at State Of The Art by Perry De Gennaro

Gyroscope at State Of The Art by Perry De Gennaro