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WAM staff’s must-see picks for RTRFM’s In The Pines

27 Apr



For it’s 24th year in a row, RTRFM‘s In the Pines is ready to stimulate locally-charged awe and amazement in the lush surrounds of Somerville Auditorium at UWA. Happening this Sunday 30 April, a few of the WAMily made some hard choices between the 20 A+ acts to each select one act you can’t afford to picnic too hard through, for fear of missing musical excellence…
*Note the red colours for acts, representing RTRFM’s fave colour and a warning not to miss these acts!

Selected by Kate Branson, Admin & Membership Officer

I love all of the acts on this line-up, as per every In The Pines. BUT after seeing Daniel Susnjar Afro-Peruvian Jazz Group at Fairbridge Festival over the weekend, I am most excited to see this group of ultimate happiness again. Seriously watch these guys, they LOVE to have fun, and in particular Daniel. You will will not find a moment when he is not brilliantly beaming out at the audience because of how much fun he is having doing what he loves, which probs has something to do with his multiple WAMAwards wins (let alone pure talent). I dare you to try and not smile back.

Selected by Mike Harris, Chief Executive Officer

I’ve managed to never see Doctopus, and that is a criminal act, as their reputation as a live act is huge… and ’cause iIknow Jeremy has cut his hair and shaved his beard. What’s next – wearing shoes??

Selected by Nigel Bird, Regional Officer

The Picture Gardens hail from between Meekatharra and Leonora/Laverton, and they recorded their track Hurt, Heal, Live as part of WAM’s Sounds Of The Goldfields compilation released last year, which was a feature album on RTRFM. It had a heap of airplay around the country through community radio and muscled its way onto the 2016 Kiss My WAMi disc compilation. It’s fantastic to hear RTRFM supporting these guys (and their new tune Closer) and offering up a spot to to these star Indigenous talents on ITP.

Selected by Jake “Dr Green” England, Marketing & Communications Intern Extraordinaire

I am gonna need you looking towards the stage. FORSTORA!  Here is the deal, despite all the flower power and the beautiful surroundings of In The Pines (and I am sure the lolly pop guy will be there), but these guys are going to make you want to get off your picnic blanket and get up and learn to slam dance. Denis is one of the bendiest frontmen I know, and has a growl that could not only melt butter out of fear the apocalypse was coming but make you surrender your wallet from 50 feet. This ain’t going to be a quiet set.

Selected by Live Carre, Business Manager

These guys are brilliant on stage, as witnessed the WAMAwards party and WAMFest last year. Not only do they come with a vibrant and energetic performance, they also bring some strong songwriting. They are guarantee to get people on their feet.

Selected by Aarom Wilson, WAM Marketing & Communications Officer

Whilst In The Pines is the perfect event to perch out with a picnic and chill to some of WA’s finest sounds, my previous highlights have tended towards the more intense acts. It’ll be a hot tussle between the two Big Splash champs Hideous Sun Demon and POW! Negro this year, but my bets are on the young upstarts to provide the biggest party POW! The multi-WAMAwards winners jump higher, rap harder and surprise more than just about any act in Perth (including sneaking a guest collab from previous WAM SOTY Grand Prize winner Beni Bjah at Fairbridge Fest last weekend), so expect to be jumpin’ along to ’em.


11:45: Welcome to Country
12:00: Jeff’s Dead
12:30: Bells Rapids
1:00: The Picture Gardens
1:30: Solar Barge Big Band
2:00: Phil Walley-Stack
2:30: Craig Hallsworth
3:00: Doctopus
3:30: Dream Rimmy
4:00: Forstora
4:30: Childsaint
5:00: Apricot Rail
5:30: Instiut Polaire
6:00: Daniel Susnjar Afro-Peruvian Jazz Group
6:30: Rag N’ Bone
7:00: POW! Negro
7:30: Sodastream
8:00: Hideous Sun Demon
8:30: Tangled Thoughts of Leaving
9:00: The Love Junkies
9:30: Jebediah


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