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WAM Share Sounds of The Kimberley Singles from Matalja and Rocky Ridge Band

8 Apr

We’re proud to have two new singles from Matalja and Rocky Ridge Band drop this week from the upcoming album Sounds of The Kimberley. The album is our twelfth regional compilation and second release of nine new regional recording project albums, supported through the State Government of West Australia’s Contemporary Music Fund, recorded on Djugun / Yawuru Country during September 2019 in Broome’s Chinatown.

Matalja grew up in Broome surrounded by song, her lullabies were sung in the Kimberley languages of Djugan, Yawuru and Jabirr-Jabirr. Later musical influences came from her mother and siblings in the forms of Motown, soul, jazz and hip-hop tracks. ‘Malu Mabu Liyan’ her debut single, speaks of the personal contemplations within our inner struggles and the powerlessness of not being able to appreciate life’s smaller joys.  The track title and chorus are from the Djugan and Yawuru languages that were so prominent in her musical beginnings and remain strongly current to her cultural identity.

Rocky Ridge Band are a family band from Wangkatjungka, a remote Aboriginal community in the Fitzroy Valley, where Wangkatjungka, Walmajarri and Gooniyandi people live with strong links to their desert culture. The band blend country music and desert reggae in alluring songs about the power of music to heal, their land, their family, their culture and life in the Kimberley. Their song ‘Indigenous People’ is about the yearning feeling to go back home to the ancestral lands of their grandparents, with the chorus sung in Walmajarri, a vitally important cultural language in much of the west Kimberley.

Sounds of The Kimberley was set to be launched with the ten recorded artists performing live at the iconic Sun Pictures Cinema in Broome’s Chinatown, coupled with a live broadcast from ABC’s state-wide Regional Drive program, but the live event has been postponed due to the COVID-19 crisis.

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You can check ‘Malu Mabu Liyan’ by Matalja  on SPOTIFY and SOUNDCLOUD.


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Listen to ‘Indigenous People’ by Rocky Ridge Band on SPOTIFY and SOUNDCLOUD.


More information on WAM’s regional recording projects, including streaming links for previous compilations can be located HERE.


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