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WAM Member Spotlight: Grace Sanders ‘I Can’t Win’

11 Sep

Perth Artists Combine to Re-create Classic Film

WAM Member Grace Sanders recently released her newest single ‘I Can’t Win’ at the Rosemount Hotel with support from Noah Dillon, Kallan Phillips, Jamilla and Tanaya Harper. The night featured a costume change by Sanders, seeing her perform in the wedding dress from the music video while the clip was projected behind her for its premiere.

Sanders paired up with a talented team of actors, filmmakers and other creatives to re-create the penultimate scene of the Graduate film in this ambitious new release.

“It is a testimony to the creative scene we are all a part of, and a great demonstration of the kinds of high budget music videos you can make in WA with our incredible film industry – who definitely deserve to be recognised as an integral part of the community”.

BTS I can't win - low res-169_preview_600x600Directed and produced by local filmmaker Jacqueline Pelczar, the video is a testimony to the songs lyrical content, which revolves around addressing the fear of feeling locked into the path laid out for you by parents and family. The parody of this classic 1967 film is fitting in tackling the decision to try and abort this destiny, and the contemplation if this is possible at all. Pelczar and Sanders previously collaborated on her second music video for single ‘Flow Like Water’, and this second effort solidifes the talent, amibition and creativity of Pelczar as one to watch in WA’s creative scene.

‘I Can’t Win’ stars local actors David Mitchell, Hannah Outtrim, Greg Mitchell and Haydon Wilson, as well as many more extras in supporting roles. Pelczar hired St Mary’s church in South Perth for the shoot to help make this vision come to life. Sanders feels this is her best and most cinematic release yet, providing another chapter in her versatile online content that steps more in the direction of the theatrical.  The team also included Meredith Lindsay as Director of Photography, Texx Montana as costume designer to recreate shot-by-shot the original film.

The song was recorded early 2018 with Josh Dyson and Elliot Smith of Villanova studios. It translates a more vintage classic rock feel in Sander’s musical taste, with organ, heavy rhythm sections, soaring harmonies and powerful guitar parts. The classic feel to the arrangement is complimented by Sanders’ soul infused vocal, singing poetic lyrics such as “Touch me; this body encases me in flesh and bone/ woven, we are chosen to carry those who are gone” and “Father, be kind, not all I have is mine/ inheret these traits of my time”. This signifies again a more decisive musical step for Sanders in defining her powerhouse vocal style with reflective and layered lyrical content.

Watch ‘I Can’t Win’ Here

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