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26 Jun

No one understands specific industry risks like Aon. Approved by WAM, their insurance has been specifically tailored for WAM members.

While WAM continues to support, nurture and grow your contemporary music, AON want you to feel the same confidence that your insurance has you protected. You can trust that AON will help you protect yourself with a comprehensive policy that guards against a wide range of risks including public liability and personal injury.

Not only does AON come highly recommended by their customers but they also focus on negotiating strongly with leading insurers to offer tailored insurance at a competitive price.

AON covers all the essentials including public liability cover up to $20 million in case a member of the public is injured at a performance, any kind of performer who is a WAM member, whether you’re involved in blues, hip hop, metal or even world music and of course, worldwide coverage of your equipment and instruments.


WAM members receive discounts off Performer Public Liability Insurance and 20% off Worldwide Extended Transit Music Equipment Insurance policies.

If you’d like to discuss your insurance needs, call Aon on 1800 764 474 between 8.30am and 5pm, Monday to Friday.

To purchase or consider a policy online, more info here

Another reason why, if you’re a WA musician or music business, you can’t afford not to be a WAM member. You’ll make your money back in no time, plus you’ll be providing support to WAM’s ongoing program of activities that champion West Australian music! Become a member here!


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