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WAM INTERVIEWS: L-Fresh The Lion ahead of free Music As Activism workshop

23 Feb

Prior to our FREE workshop Music As Activism happening tomorrow at The Bird (more info here), WAM’s Lauren Bettridge caught up with hip-hop artist and producer L-Fresh The Lion on how music is both an inspiring and energetic vehicle for activism.

As an ambassador for All Together Now, the 23 year-old produces a fresh sound that focuses primarily on racism and prejudice. His most recent album, Become (2016), reached #4 on the Carlton Dry Independent Music Charts, and he’s leading the way for a new generation of hip hop artists who are changing people’s thinking and beliefs on important social, cultural, racial and political matters. Hence making him the perfect person for our Music As Activism workshop, also featuring the incredible Lucy Peach.


Ahead of our ACTIVISM workshop with you; we wondered, in these turbulent times, why do you think activism in music (& the protest song) is important?
Music inspires. To have songs which focus our attention to the issues of our time is definitely important. They remind us to be aware and they inspire us into action. What’s even more important is for all of us, not just artists, to live with that awareness in mind. It’s an every day thing.

You’re clearly a man with a mission, & your music speaks to people on a deeper level; but for anyone that hasn’t heard, how would you describe your music and its message?
My music is all about movement. It’s about moving you physically, through good vibes and beats, as well as emotionally and mentally.

What can we expect from your Perth International Arts Festival performance, supporting Aristophanes later on Friday (more info here)?
You can expect a lot of energy. My team (including Mirrah and MK-1) will get you hyped by spreading good vibes and positive words. Come ready to move.

What’s in the future for L-Fresh The Lion, aside from world domination?
To keep on keeping on, bringing meaningful music to people with a lot of good energy.


As an actmore-info-6ive member of the community, L-Fresh will be joining the workshop’s panel to discuss music’s role in activism from a songwriter’s perspective, along with Lucy Peach and Paul Van Lieshout Hunt. Following this, L-Fresh the Lion will be performing as a part of PIAF at Chevron Festival Gardens, with free double passes distributed to the first 30 RSVPed workshop attendees. Only a few left though, if you’re lucky!

For more of a taste of L-Fresh’s ability to inspire, check this TEDx session, unveiling more of hip-hop’s greatest purpose in self-creation…

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