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11 Aug

Their track D1LL1GAF has been played by the likes of Diplo and Skrillex, their recently released “We Are Animals” EP has been turning heads all over the world, they’ll be on triple j’s Mix Up soon and now  COMMAND Q are ready for one heck of a celebratory party at Jack Rabbit Slim‘s this Friday 12 August. WAM’s Nell Keenan managed to snatch a few insights from the duo of Shaun and Louis, including spilling the beans on their ‘BIG SECRET’ project, the power of yelling incoherent synth imitations and why you should expect explosions and ridiculous dancing at their Perth show.

White Space

First off, congratulations on a massive year and on your “We Are Animals” EP. The tour already kicked off and will be brought to Perth this month. What is the most exciting part about sharing this EP with music lovers around the country?
Thank you! It’s been incredible. The most exciting part by far has been hearing people scream the words or yell incoherent synth imitations when we play the songs, haha! It really is amazing to see these people in person having such a good time. We usually try to stay out late and mingle with the audience because we feel a big sense of gratitude towards them, and are still pretty stoked to be where we are now.

Last year, your track “D1LL1GAF” received massive exposure after Diplo played it during each of his sets at Stereosonic. How did this come about and what effect/further opportunities did it lead to?
We sent the tune to the A&R people at Mad Decent and it made it through to DIPLO. We had built some pretty good relationships before hand with OWSLA and Mad Decent, so we were hoping it was just a matter of time before one of their top dawgs’ jumped on board with a track. Ever since then, we’ve seen so many huge artists jamming the track at their shows and our credibility as artists in the industry has really shot up. It really gives promoters and agencies a sense of confidence when dealing with us now, as if Skrillex and DIPLO (Jack Ü) have given us the tick of approval or something.

You guys are playing at BIGSOUND 2016, which acts are you most keen to catch/cause a ruckus with and why?
Ooooft! Tough call so many artists going and so many we haven’t met in person yet. I’m definitely going to see KUČKA and Tkay Maidza. We’ve been big fans of those two ladies since we started up. Hopefully everybody rocks up with plenty of time on their plate to schmooze around.

You blew the roof off at WAM Fest Block Party 2015. What do you think is the importance of events like this and BIGSOUND are?
Ahh WAM Festival is just one of those events that is somehow so informative to the public. So many people get their musical knowledge from giant international festivals, where as my favourite part about WAM is, it’s at our doorstep and it shows all the Perth people what we are made of as artists and to get behind us and support the community! We love cultural events like this. As for BIGSOUND, we have never been before! This is going to be a big learning experience for us.

WA artists have a great support network and many opportunities for their music to be heard. Which organisations and artists helped you to get to where you are now?
We want to say all of them. There’s never been a time where we have struggled to get advice from someone or been turned away. The atmosphere here is very giving and friendship based, especially for us being an underground genre. Everyone is struggling and doing the hard yards so the sense of community is strong. For us, the biggest help we have ever received has been from blogs. Big and small. They play their part for upcoming artists and they do it well. They give us this big platform to spread our wings where labels can’t or won’t. I can’t even begin to mention the artists who have helped us too. There are just too many flipping amazing homies in Australia.

What can we expect from the launch at Jack Rabbit Slims?
Heehee! Expect some wild energies, some explosions, some ridiculous dancing. I’ve never been more excited for a show in my life. Both of us (Shaun and LouMoustacheFace’) are prepared to go all out for this. We are gonna be playing drums, singing some songs, probably hanging from the ceiling if we can reach it. We want everyone to have an amazing time and to feed off our hyperactivity.

What’s next for Command Q? Will it be time for a well-earned rest? Poolside cocktails in an exotic location perhaps?
Haha I wish! Wow do we feel over-worked haha. I have a big secret project that ill be diving straight into after the tour. But we do have some respite from this hungry industry. Lou came to my house in the morning a few weeks ago and we spontaneously booked flights to LA in October. So we are gonna disappear for 3 weeks and hang out with all the homies in L.A and New York. Probably write a bunch of tunes as well as meet a bunch of people who can help with this new project we’re working!

FRIDAY 12 AUGUST @ Jack Rabbit Slims, Northbridge
w/ LOLO BX & more


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