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WAM defer March 2022 WA Music Week program

20 Jan



WAM have made the immensely difficult decision to defer the March 2022 WA Music Week event program. The program features the well known and loved WAMFest, WAMCon and WAMAwards events. In a situation shared by many promoters, venues and event organisers across the state, the uncertainty around future COVID-19 risks and health measures will directly impact our ability to deliver a safe, large-scale event that achieves the best outcomes for the sector, and community as a whole. 

The impact of COVID and its variants is hitting our industry and those associated with it hard. The implementation of WA’s Safe Transition Plan on 5 February will present new and increased challenges in the coming months, with indications the restrictions in WA are likely to be tougher than elsewhere in the nation. This is a time where our industry will need considerable support, so WAM are aiming to ensure our full resources are directed to advocating for your needs, providing you with assistance, and remaining connected to our members and the wider industry. 

We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to our WA Music Week partners Act Belong Commit and Healthway, City of Perth, plus our sponsors and industry stakeholders for their continued support of WA’s original contemporary music, and support of the decision to defer the March WA Music Week program.

You can access information and resources for COVID-19 support via our COVID Resources page HERE.

Government of Western Australia Department of Culture and The ArtsGovernment of Western Australia Department of Culture and The Arts

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