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Pilbara Touring Circuit: Tom Fisher & The Layabouts take on final round

5 Sep




WAM’s pilot Pilbara tour gears up for their last round

In partnership with Atlas Iron, WAM’s Pilbara Touring Music Circuit is hitting all the right notes. Following the great success of recent circuits featuring Bradley Hall and the Bad Influence, Davey Craddock & The Spectacle and more, Tom Fisher & The Layabouts are now all set to turn heads as a part of the Pilbara circuit this September along with Bridget Turner (Simone & Girlfunkle/Boys Boys Boys).

This partnered initiative, which began in July, takes bands on a paid journey through the Pilbara region of WA, combining performances at several Atlas Iron mine sites, community festivals and licensed venue events. This model is based on feedback received through consultation with WAM’s Regional Touring Reference Group, featuring regionally based acts with extensive regional touring experience, including the likes of Dave Mann, Jonny Taylor, Blue Shaddy and Chris Matthews, and will run until the end of September.

77 acts replied to WAM’s call for interest for this project, demonstrating a great desire to take advantage of touring within our own backyard expanse. Each act’s tour will see them playing 5-8 diverse shows, including a number of key opportunities at festivals, iconic venues and mine sites. Essential to establishing financially viable regional tours and encouraging further activity and opportunities for artists touring in the Pilbara region, this pilot project will inform further projects planned for the region in 2015 and beyond.


Tom Fisher & The Layabouts plus Bridget Turner (20-28 September)

Sat 20 –   Portbound Festival JD Hardie Centre, Port Hedland

Mon 22–  *Atlas Iron Abydos mine

Tue 23 –  *Atlas Iron Wodgina mine

Wed 24 – *Atlas Iron Mt Webber mine

Thurs 25 – Marble Bar Youth Centre Workshops

Fri 26 – Marble Bar Youth Centre Workshops

Sat 27 –    Iron Clad Hotel, Marble Bar

Sun 28 –  Red Earth Arts Festival, Cattrall Park, Karratha

*Only on site personnel allowed


Aarom Wilson, WAM Marketing & Communications > [email protected] / 08 9227 7962



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