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Autopilot's Steve Parkin high res

The Steve Parkin Song Shop pres. June workshops

5 Jun

Award-winning Perth songwriter Steve Parkin (Basement Birds/Autopilot) is running a series of some select song workshops all this June. From beginners to pro musos and recording bands, he plans to nuts-and-bolts all aspects of your creation until you’re and him are both excited!

To get involved, email [email protected] with your details, what you are up to musically and your goals, your preferred dates, and he’ll try to answer all of your questions asap. Rates will depend on the number of bookings.

Steve Parkin has 20 years in the WA and Australian music industry. He has won and been nominated for many awards, including an ARIA win and nomination, 2 APRA awards, 2 International Songwriting Comp (ISC) awards. Steve has played on Rove, Sunrise, Live At The Chapel, Big Day Outs, Pyramid, Woodford Folk, Rock-It, got a hard-won wealth of industry exp. and savvy. He’s also the dude responsible for putting on the successful Newport Record Club. Steve is signed to Universal Music Publishing, writing with bands and acts from all over the world. He promises to put you at ease and create a comfortable atmosphere of creativity, fun and musical joy! You’ll leave with a USB or CD of pure GOLD!

“Steve has a great combination of encyclopaedic musical knowledge, tasteful sensibilities and enthusiasm that keeps the session inspired and fun.”- Josh Pyke “Working with Steve has been one of the most useful and rewarding experiences of my musical career to date. He always brings a positive attitude and some creative genius to every session!” – Josh Johnstone
“Steve has an incredibly welcoming nature, that instantly put me at ease during our first co-writing session. We have since had many more sessions with productive results. He is always positive and sensitive to the nerving process that co-writing can be.” – Gossling

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