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The Bakery crowd  by Brad Serls

The Bakery’s closure date officially confirmed

15 Jan

As we reported last year, multi-purpose arts and music-heavy venue The Bakery‘s likely closure would be a massive loss to Perth, and unfortunately this situation has since been realised, with a closure date now finalised. Sad times indeed, as captured in The Bakery’s announcement:

“We can now confirm that The Bakery will permanently close on Saturday 9 May 2015.

It’s been thirteen years since The Bakery opened it’s doors and now that the shut-shop date’s been confirmed, we’re focusing all our energy on giving the old girl the send-off she deserves. We’re really looking forward to all our faithful punters getting to enjoy the last few months, and we have a few big plans up our sleeves to ensure that you have ample chance to do so.

Audiences will have the chance to say goodbye with The Last Toast Bakery Farewell series, a curated program that will celebrate the venue’s diverse musical history. The program will kick off on Wednesday 29 April 2015 with an international headliner to be announced next month, and run every night until Saturday 9 May 2015.

We encourage you to keep an eye on our Facebook page and subscribe to our e-news , as we’ll be announcing more details in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, next week, The Bakery transforms into the Fringe World Festival Artist Club (a.k.a. The Budgie Smuggler), which will run every night of the Festival, from 23 January – 22 February 2015. For the first time, the artist club will open it’s doors to the public for an exclusive run of shows which includes headliners such USA’s indie-pop auteur Ariel Pink and Syrian techno-pop party-starter Omar Souleyman. View the full program here.

We will continue to host events right up until the The Last Toast, with names like Megan Washington and DELTRON 3030 already locked in post-FRINGE WORLD Festival.

Make sure to make the most of The Bakery whilst she’s still kicking.

Ever faithful,
The Bakery Team.”

Be sure to make the most of this seminal live and electronic music venue whilst you still can!

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