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Strunt Dance Collab collage

Strut Dance and Sound Composition & Dance offer sound opportunities

27 Aug

In partnership with Perth Theatre Trust, STRUT continues to provide pathways to encourage future collaboration across all stage art forms, and they’re offering composers and sound designers (as well as choreographers) an exclusive opportunity to work with Composer/Sound Designer Luke Smiles from Sydney Theatre Company Chunky Move and WA’s premiere Choreographer Rachel Arianne Ogle, in a two-week composition intensive at the State Theatre Centre WA.

The aim of this workshop is to provide all parties with the necessary vernacular and skills to develop full performance works of greater resonance and depth. STRUT are offering a two week intensive to develop skills in cross art-form collaboration for choreographers and composers/sound designers. The course will be delivered on stage at the State Theatre Centre, and these workshops encourage immediate implementation of learning and practice. A public showing will showcase selected results and provide a platform for participating artists to talk about the process and their work. This will also lead to great networking opportunity’s for future collaboration and presentation. Scholarships will be available for select composers.

► The course will take place at King Street Arts Centre and the State Theatre Centre of Western Australia on Mon Nov 30  – Fri Dec 11 (10:30 -17:00) with an evening showcase taking place on the final evening Fri Dec 11.

They’re currently looking for applications from composers and sound designers.



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