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SOTA: SHOCKONE’s Top 21 WA Tunes

25 May


One of the major talents hailing from WA’s drum and bass scene, internationally acclaimed SHOCKONE is gearing up for his headliner performance at State of the Art Festival on June 4th at Elizabeth Quay. He’s curated a 21-track playlist highlighting his favourite WA acts, old and new. Having released his latest single ‘Bleed Black’ feat. Cruz Patterson in January and with a national tour taking place in October this year, we can expect HUGE things to come from this local powerhouse.

Check out the tracks SHOCKONE loves from the locals with an explanation for his top 10 choices below.

Ekko and Sidetrack – Long Summer feat. Reija Lee

Ekko and Sidetrack are making some of the best drum and bass to come out of Perth. They have plenty of tunes I could have chosen to put in the playlist, this just happens to be their most recent release, it also happens to feature my sister Reija Lee on vocals and it also happens to be pure vibes and an amazing song.

Pendulum – Crush

Obviously there was going to be some Pendulum in this playlist. I don’t think you can understate the importance Pendulum had in putting Perth on the world map for electronic music. I mean they reinvented drum and bass (imho) and are a big part of why I make electronic music at all. I could have chosen literally any track from them, but this is one that I still find myself listening to frequently, 8 years after its release… it still makes me move as much as the first time I heard it.

Karnivool – Set Fire to the Hive

Before Pendulum or Shockone existed, me and the Rob and Gareth played in a band called Xygen. One of the bands we played along side a lot was Karnivool. Since we heard ‘Fade’ (at the Grosvenor hotel front room R.I.P.) we were always in awe of Karnivool.. The sound they pulled on stage, the riffs, the polyrhythms…the amazing songs. They are, in my opinion, one of the greatest heavy bands to come out of Australia in the last 15 years. Again I could have chosen literally ANY song by them, but this one goes so hard.

Phetsta – From My Eyes

Anyone who knows me, knows my great friend, and often partner in crime Phetsta. We grew as producers together, have toured the world together, had some amazing shows together (Shape nightclub days anyone..?) and trolled many a comment thread together. He is an amazing producer of such a wide variety of music and I have learned so much from him. This is one of my many favourites from his extensive back catalogue.

Kito & Reija Lee – Starting Line

This duo, consisting of my sister Reija Lee and my honourary sister Kito, while not producing together anymore, wrote some of the most forward thinking electronic pop I’ve heard. Starting Line is one of my favourite songs, not just by a WA artist, but of any artist in the world (no brotherly bias here i promise!). Both Reija and Kito are making some truly next level music in their own separate projects right now that you should all watch out for.

Loston – Holding pattern

You all need to get amongst Loston right. f**ing. now. Holding Pattern is such a majestic undulating wave of sound that shows an artist revealing them self in the most honest soul baring way, which I find refreshing in a music world that so often gets caught up in playlist motivated viral bullsh*t. Keep an eye out for Loston in the future, there is some amazing music on the way.

Feeding ear – Outrun the wolves

Feeding ear is scoring some amazing music for video games and mixed media at the moment. His sound design is stunning, somehow being both organic and unapologetically modular and electronic at the same time. His music is a huge inspiration for me right now.

Cup & String – Love Hotel ラブホテル

These guys deserve SO much more love in Australia. Love Hotel is a perfect blend of garage influenced house with a fresh slice of tech over ice. Get to know them.

The Triffids – Wide Open Road

Going back a few decades here. For a very long time I didn’t know this classic song was by a W.A. artist. I feel I can be forgiven as it came out when I was 4. I don’t think I need to say much about this song other than it’s amazing and the recording is just magical, when I listen to this I am transported back to watching rage super early on a Saturday morning at a very young age (Something I spent many hours doing, living in the country and having the ABC and SBS as the only channel choices) *Bonus note: Apparently the old reel to reel machine sitting in my studio is the actual machine this song was recorded on ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Zeke Beats – Devastate

Zeke beats is taking over world right now. A fantastic producer, a depressingly good DJ, and one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet. It makes me super happy to see someone who’s worked so hard at his craft see the fruits of his labours. This is another artist I feel Australia needs to take more notice of if I’m brutally honest. He’s just relocated to the US and i know in a very short time he’s going to explode more than he already is.

SOTA-2_574:312You can catch SHOCKONE at State of the Art Festival on June 4th alongside these other incredible WA acts: Birds of Tokyo, San Cisco, Downside, Psychedelic Porn Crumpets, Mama Kin Spender, Stella Donnelly, Arno Faraji, Calmly, The Southern River Band, Carla Geneve, John Bennett with David Hyams, Sydnee Carter and Spacey Jane. 

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