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Song of the Year | Priscilla talks A-B-C

23 Jul


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The countdown is on to the reveal the winners of Song of the Year 2020 presented by Act-Belong-Commit, with the Virtual Awards Party kicking Wednesday 29 July!

This year’s Song of the Year Competition shines a light on mental health, as WAM work alongside Healthway to promote the Act-Belong-Commit (A-B-C) message. Mental health is an important topic within the music community, which the A-B-C message focusing on strategies to help maintain mental health on an individual and day-to-day level.


Not only does the message address an issue so relevant in our community, but acting, belonging and committing are naturally embodied in the process of creating, performing and enjoying music.

Priscilla_Article ImageIn the lead up to the awards next week, we had a chat to Pop category nominees and electronic/indie-pop duo Priscilla (Priscilla Gardner and Luke Minness) about mental health, the A-B-C message and what it means to them:

Why is mental health important to you?

P: Mental health and how we cope with ill mental health is extremely important to me. Seeing the impacts of ill mental health and the impacts of an underfunded system on those I love has resulted in a very special subject of interest. And as I get older and life gets harder it becomes more and more apparent to me how important it is to stay in touch with my mental health.

L: Mental health for me personally is a life-long challenge. Not only for myself, friends and family, but also the way that we communicate openly as a society. We should always be open and encourage conversations on how better to support one another.

Why is the Act-Belong-Commit message important to you?

P: I think the A-B-C message is a great starting point for the average personPricilla to experience the benefits of community on their mental health. Providing programs and resources for those who potentially have no access to community engagement is good work!

L: Oh yeah, ditto.

What are some of the good things you do for your mental health?

P: One of the things that’s really helped me is I have written a self-care list for when I’m feeling a bit hopeless. It has things like “go for a walk”, “have a bath”, “read,” “play music.” Little reminders of the things that make me feel good, because sometimes it’s hard to remember in those moments of feeling down. I also like to go to my therapist.

L: I love lists, dream journals and the beautiful people I’m so lucky to have. My journals help me compartmentalise the things I need to do and (sometimes) manage anxiety. And conversations about doing the best we can do, as only human beings, with Prscilla GRfriends always helps too.

How does music provide opportunities to Act-Belong-Commit?

P: Music is one of those amazing things that brings people together. My whole life I’ve had the privilege of being involved in playing music with people. The sense of coming together and creating something with others is a great way to build a sense of friendship or community.

L: Music is an outlet to express and explore, but it also creates a sense of community. The Perth music scene probably reflects this best. We have such a large pool of the most talented people in the world. They’re all SO NICE, so supportive and real advocates for personalities of all shapes and sizes. Music is community, and it’s a pretty badass feeing being a part of the one we have.

P: Yeah it’s pretty nice getting to make music with my best mate every day.

Priscilla are nominated in the Song of the Year 2020 Pop category for their song Follow. You can take a listen to their song HERE. Tune in live to the Virtual Awards Party on Wednesday 29 July for the winner reveal!

Find out more about Priscilla, their music and what they’ve got coming up by following them on social media:
Instagram: @priscilla_music

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Priscilla performing at WAMFest 2019 (credit Linda Dunjey)
Priscilla Gardner speaking at Girls Rock! WA (credit Priscilla)

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