Being sued, ripped off or fined ain't fun, but enjoying maximum returns for your efforts most certainly is...

Together with Australian Music Industry Network, WAM has helped create and distribute a number of free legal resources to help protect your intellectual property, to make the most out of managerial contracts, your income tax returns and more.


The Music Industry Legal Pack is a free resource to help navigate the legal complexities of the music industry, covering everything from management contracts to producer and remixer agreements. This resource is not a substitute for professional legal advice, but it recognises the need for artists and industry to understand contracts put before them.

Download the full Music Industry Legal Pack here.


AMIN has also developed a detailed Tax Checklist for musicians, including advice on how to set up a business, registering for GST and what artists can claim when preparing their tax returns. This resource was developed in consultation with industry and with assistance from entertainment law firm Simpsons and financial services company Moneypenny.

Download the Tax Checklist here.