Mental Health

Act-Belong-Commit is a mental health program established in Western Australia. It has now expanded to a global scale. This promotional program is applicable to individuals and whole communities. Act-Belong-Commit aims to increase positive wellbeing and encourage people in the community to strengthen relationships by participating in family, cultural and community-based events.
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Youth Focus
Youth Focus provides confidential, face-to-face counselling free of charge to young people who have felt sad, depressed, lonely or suicidal for a period of time. There are 5 physical Youth Focus offices between the cities of Geraldton to Albany that you or someone you are worried about are welcome to visit.
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Beyond Blue
Beyond Blue is an organisation that supports people who are feeling sad, lonely and/or depressed. This not-for-profit organisation provides 24/7 telephone counselling and online chat services to those in need of assistance, help and advice.
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Support Act
Support Act is a charity that allows musicians and people involved in the music industry who are injured, ill or suffering from crisis to gain access to financial aid and twenty-four hour telephone counselling. Support Act provides people with appropriate advice by professionals who recognise and understand the pressures of working in the music industry. These skilled professionals talk through and discuss struggles and worries people face in the music industry.
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Physical Health

Hearing Tests
A hearing test will assess specific conditions of your hearing. Qualified members of staff will ensure that every client feels comfortable and their hearing gets the best assessment possible. There are many ways to improve your hearing such as using earplugs or earphones to avoid any unintentional loud sounds and to have a regular check-up at your local audiologist.

Audika Perth is an audiologist in Perth, Western Australia that provides  free hearing aid trials and hearing checks to identify any hearing inabilities you may have.
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Hearing Australia is a medical clinic serving people with hearing inabilities. Hearing Australia sells products for people with hearing difficulties which include hearing aids and accessories, headphones, wireless capabilities and music programs. This medical centre also provides families and individuals affected with advice and assistance.
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Vocal Health
Vocal health is especially important for those involved in the music industry. As an artist, the voice box is a crucial part of the whole performance. Try to stay hydrated, cut back on caffeine and alcohol, avoid throat clearing and avoid the misuse of your voice to keep good vocal hygiene. This will help minimise and prevent the risk of any permanent damage being done to your voice and throat.

Perth Adult Speech Pathology is a clinic that offers therapy and counselling to assist people with problems that affect their voice and vocal health. With therapy, this pathology can help through chronic cough, neurological problems and communication aids.
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Voice Care WA provide speech pathologists and voice therapists to help and assist people with voice problems, chronic cough and laryngeal breathing difficulties.
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Safer Venues Western Australia
Safer Venues Western Australia is a newly established community group that advocates for the standards and safety of music and entertainment areas in Perth, Western Australia. Safer Venues have identified many repetitive and harmful incidents in Perth. Behaviours like these should not be put up with, they should be stopped. Discrimination and assault in music and entertainment areas is dangerous and hazardous. This organisation wants the best for Perth City and the people of Perth to be kept protected and kept safe.
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