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REMIX launch REMIX Academy Digital Platform

28 Apr

Coordinators of the international REMIX Summits exploring the intersection of culture, technology and entrepreneurship, REMIX have announced the launch of their new REMIX Academy Digital platform.

Impacted by the unfolding COVID-19 crisis and associated restrictions, REMIX have evolved the annual REMIX Academy conference into an online platform featuring over 500 talks from creative leaders, previous Summit presentations and webinars. Resources explore topics such as digital strategies and business models, creative entrepreneurship, the future of cultural institutions and more.

In response to the difficulties cultural industries currently face, REMIX Academy have launched ten free webinars summarising the key trends and step-by-step guides to navigated new technologies and online experiences. The webinars are available as part of their free Membership Package, and can be viewed at any time.


Digital Business Models
Getting started with developing digital creative content
Future of Storytelling
Making Ideas Happen
The rise of Creative Entrepreneurs and the Collision Economy
Experience Economy Trend Briefing (Part 1)
Experience Economy Trend Briefing (Part 2)
Experience Economy Trend Briefing (Part 3)
The End of Neutrality: Taking a Standing & Engaging Citizens in the Big Issues of our Time

Membership plans are available for both individuals and organisations, providing access to the full catalogue of talks, resources and insights.

Head HERE to learn more and sign-up to REMIX Academy

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