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Pilerats launches ‘Sounds from…’ playlists on Spotify

20 Jan

Proud of your hometown and the kick-ass music coming out of it? Wanna hear the best, and newest, stuff from your city it all in one place? Froth Aussie music? If you answered ‘hell yes’ to any of the above, then it’s time to get on Pilerats‘ all new “Sounds From…” playlists, and if you’re an artist you can get your tunes on it too!

As music-lovers, music-writers, DJs and venue-owners, the Pilerats crew are always keen to find out what’s happening music-wise in every last studio, garage, rehearsal room, bar and club in Australia, so are creating playlists for each State, featuring top-notch, up-to-the-minute sounds from artists smashing it in that area of Aus’, across ALL genres. New tracks added weekly.

Get stuck into the Sounds From playlists if… 

  • You’re a proud local that wants to keep on the pulse of the rad music coming out of your city
  • You’re a muso about to hit a national tour and keen to suss the best supports in the places you’re headed
  • You’re a looking to curate some grade A local line-ups

If there’s an awesome track from your hometown Pilerats have missed, hit them up so they can put it in ASAP! Just email: [email protected]



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