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The Sewing Room - Basement

Perth venue The Sewing Room closer to a real thing

20 Nov


The people behind Margaret River Chocolate Company are continuing their advances towards creating a new live music venue after a series of closures to various music venues around Perth. The company’s co-founders Martin Black and Patrick Coward looking to revamp their current basement on Murray Street into a live music venue called The Sewing Room, and the wheels are further in motion.

From their Facebook page they announced the following:

Last Wednesday we learned that every single one of the City of Perth’s nine newly elected councillors voted to support our dream to open a world class live performance space in our basement at 317 Murray Street.

All great cities have music at their heart. Our basement is in the very centre of Perth. It hasn’t been touched since the 1960’s and we’re going to leave it that way. No polished floorboards. No painting the walls. No patching up the holes in the ceiling.

All our funds are going towards four things; Ensuring that we capitalise on our underground location to make sure that we don’t disturb our neighbours; Creating world class acoustics the likes of which musicians dream; Installing a state of the art PA and sound system; And last but not least, making sure we have a big dance floor. What good is music if you can’t dance?

Oh yeah, and then there’s the other thing. The big thing that screams out that you’re serious about music. From Gershwin to Gaga and Elgar to Elton. That fundamentally critical musical necessity; A Steinway grand piano.

We’re building the space around the music. We’re so very excited. And nothing excites us more than the idea of making this world class space available to international acts one day and young, emerging Western Australian musicians the next. Young people who’ve written a few songs in their garage in Vic Park and are looking for an audience and an opportunity.

Our basement has been empty for years. It’s big. We’ve found a new and exciting purpose for it. The Councillors of the City of Perth have embraced our idea with unanimous support. We’re ready and willing to pay for its transformation with our own money. All we need now is for the Director of Liquour licensing to give us a chance and we’re on our way.


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