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WAM’s CEO Mike Harris comments on Perth Venue Action’s Live Music Survey Report

14 Aug


With the venue turmoil Perth has recently been experiencing, the Perth Venue Action Steering Committee created a survey to gather data and ideas. The data collected from the survey allowed for a positive direction for the PVA Steering Committee to be established, clear objectives for the cause to be recorded, and a clear understanding of what the people of Perth value in regards to live music to be understood.

The resulting Live Music Survey Report can be found here, with some of the findings indicating that Protecting Existing Venues and Lobbying For Legislative Change and Live Music Education / Promotion were the respondents’ main concerns.

Recently holding a Music Council focusing on venues, WAM’s CEO Mike Harris commented, “The health of WA’s live music scene remains an ongoing matter of importance not only to WAM but also to Perth Venue Action and the local music industry. PVA has released their Live Music Survey Report and it confirms that live music is important and people expect change; change that protects and enhances live music in WA whether through direct action, regulatory reform and/or audience development. Good on PVA for delivering this and it is integral part of the case we are collectively making to protect live music in WA.”

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