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Payday for Western Australian songwriters

23 Jun

Songwriters who play live are encouraged to submit their APRA AMCOS Performance Reports by 31 July to get paid for their work.

Last year, more than $4.5 million in royalties were distributed among the thousands of APRA AMCOS members who took the time to lodge Performance Reports (previously known as Live Performance Returns or LPRs).

These funds are a welcome source of revenue for songwriters, who often put their earnings straight back into their careers.

Hardworking Western Australian artists Ruby Boots (aka Rebecca Chilcott) and Chris Matthews spend huge amounts of time touring, and said that the live performance royalties they’ve earned have helped to keep them on the road.

“Four or five years ago I was in a bind scrounging around to pull enough money together for a national tour on the back of my second EP,” said Rebecca, WAM Awards and WAM Song Of The Year winner, and Country Work of the Year nominee at this year’s APRA Awards.

“Being from Western Australia, the expense of getting a band over to the east coast hikes up the cost of touring in flights alone. That royalty cheque was literally the difference between me having sleepless nights about how I was going to make it happen and helping the tour become a reality.”

Singer/songwriter Chris Matthews, who calls Kununurra in north east WA home, plays 150 to 200 shows around the country each year. He said that although submitting Performance Reports requires some admin, the return is well and truly worth the effort.

“Getting that money in the bank every November is crucial for me to keep the ball rolling,” said Chris.

“Gear breaks, things go wrong, touring vehicles need some love, PA’s and instruments need repair and recording and releasing albums costs a substantial amount. Having that wedge of money come in means I can invest back into my music, keep the gear running and put on the best show I can. I couldn’t do without it actually!”

Along with the financial return, Performance Report payments also acknowledge the skill, effort and creativity that goes into crafting a song.

“Being paid for my work as an artist is a huge nod,” said Rebecca. “It’s rewarding having an income stream that comes directly from your work.”

APRA AMCOS members who play live should submit their Performance Reports by 31 July to ensure they get paid.

To help writers meet this deadline, APRA AMCOS staff will be at the Rosemount Hotel, Perth at 6pm on 5 July to answer Performance Report queries and lend a hand with the online submission process.

Members who are unable to attend can contact the APRA AMCOS WA office for assistance with their Performance Reports: [email protected] or (08) 9382 8299.


APRA AMCOS Performance Reports Workshop

Venue: The Rosemount Hotel
Date: 5 July 2016, 6pm – 8pm
Bring: A laptop and details of the shows you’ve played in the past 12 months
RSVP: By 27 June to [email protected]

This is an 18+ event and places are limited – please book early.

For more information:
APRA AMCOS Communications
Alicia Kish 02 9935 7871| [email protected] |



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