WAM Members now receive a 10% discount on all quoted prices from Ktown Productions!.

To redeem this offer and find out more contact your Membership Officer with the subject ‘Ktown Productions Member Benefit‘ and your WAM Membership Number.

Ktown Productions is a professional music studio that also includes a music video production business, based in Medina WA, and we’re happy to announce WAM Members now receive discounts.

Providing extremely high quality facilities, equipment and expertise, Ktown Productions have irresistible packages that take you from demo to beautifully finished music video ready for broadcast to help your music reach its target audience.

It is a beautiful space that offers everything from recording and high end mastering to music videos without charging as much as many other Perth studios. Recording everything from acoustic blues to full bands to modern trap and other bass driven styles, they even make Punjab style Bangarra for the Indian market.

Prices vary depending on complexity, they can be as little or as ambitious as you please. And they emphasise that really good music videos do not have to cost a lot.

Ktown benefits

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