As a WAM Member you receive a number of Accounting and Legal benefits.

Media Arts Lawyers
A boutique entertainment and commercial law practice with over 20 years experience, Media Arts Lawyers offers services for entertainment, media, intellectual property and commercial matters. WAM members receive a free 30-minute consultation meeting plus further discounted Solicitor Fees rates thereafter. More Info

With extensive experience in nearly all aspects of commercial and general law, Andrew Fuller from myEntertainmentLawyer advises artists looking to create, protect and commercialise their intellectual property rights. WAM members receive a free 30-minute consultation meeting and special discounted rates. More Info

RubyRed Legal
Perth based RubyRed Legal specialises in music and entertainment law, offering practical and commercial advice to musicians, managers, labels, publishers, promoters, agents etc. Founder Fran Cotton has over 20 years extensive international experience. WAM Members receive an initial free consultation. More info

Sanicki Lawyers
Sanicki Lawyers are a boutique law firm specialising in music, entertainment and the arts. Principal lawyers Darren and Moira have been in and around the music industry their entire lives and are both musicians in their own right! Contact them to receive your WAM Membership free initial 30min consultation. More Info

Sorrento Strategic Music
Does the word “tax” make you shudder? Do you have nightmares about how you are going to keep track of all those gigs and receipts? Do you seem to spend every cent you earn on your passion for music? Sorrento Strategic Accounting has been advising musicians for 25 years. WAM Members get a free half hour consultation. More Info

Tempo Tax & Accounting
Led by WAMI Award winner Elliott Brannen (Institut Polaire), Tempo Tax and Accounting focuses on helping creative people achieve financial security, whether by helping a musician with a tax return or helping you start and run a successful creative business they will assist you. WAM members receive a free initial consultation. More Info


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