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Making music on the road: Singer-songwriter Karin Page shares her story

28 May

My name is Karin Page, and I’m a singer-songwriter from WA. I have been lucky enough to have spent the better part of the last five years driving all over this beautiful country of ours in my caravan, sharing my songs and stories along the way.

I’m also very fortunate to have been critically recognised for my work. I took out Single of the Year, Video of the Year and the People’s Choice Award in 2018, and Female Artist of the Year and Songwriter of the Year in 2017 at the WA Country Music Awards. 

I was also the winner of the Toyota Star Maker Award in 2016, as part of the Tamworth Country Music Awards. Winning this award set me off on a whirlwind program of performances around the country. Toyota, the main sponsor, provided me with a new vehicle and fuel card to tour with, and in 12 months we clocked up 60,000kms around the country.

KP Tamworth Town Hall

Back in the early 2000’s, I was playing several nights a week in a successful cover band, but I realised that I really wanted to write and perform my own music. But getting started on my path was hard work, and it wasn’t until my band at the time, Spoonful of Sugar, performed at WAM’s “Bill Me Festival Pitch” that my original music career started to take off.

KP TCMF 2017

WAM provides endless amounts of support and opportunities to both emerging and established artists, but even more importantly they champion artists both locally and regionally. A few years ago, I was fortunate enough to be a part of the WAM Wheatbelt Touring Circuit, and this is where I truly found my passion and love for touring regionally. So many regional areas crave live music and it was so nice to be given the opportunity to meet and perform before new audiences. These shows helped me to build my fanbase in those areas as well as build relationships with the venues so that I was able to revisit the towns on subsequent tours. 

By making a donation to WAM, you will be directly supporting new and emerging artists, just like me. Your support will ensure that WA artists can continue to participate in programs, such as the Wheatbelt Touring Circuit, allowing them to grow as artists, and perform their music to new audiences right across the country.

We are counting on the support of people like you to continue changing the lives of artists like Karin.

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Another huge opportunity that WAM offers for WA artists is WAM Song of the Year. I have been nominated in numerous categories over the years and having these accolades under my belt has helped me gain attention within the industry and provided increased show and festival opportunities. Events like WAMFest are also integral in providing an opportunity for WA artists to meet and network with key industry figures and have the chance to perform and pitch their music, without the financial burden of leaving WA.

Although we all seem so widely connected through technology these days, it can still feel quite isolating being an artist in WA and it is still very expensive to tour both regionally and nationally. The sheer distance between regional towns makes it both financially challenging and time consuming when touring regionally.

And this is where WAM steps in, becoming such a vital and important conduit between us back home in the West, and the rest of Australia and beyond.

WAM plays such an integral part in the development and exposure of WA artists. In my own personal experience, the recognition and awards that I have received through WAM have helped me to secure shows, festival slots and grant funding. These opportunities have all helped to make music a financially viable option for me, and I truly believe that without the support of WAM I wouldn’t have been able to build a sustainable career out of music.

As a West Australian artist, having the support of an organisation such as WAM is invaluable. WAM helps to connect artists with both fans and the industry. They continually champion both emerging and established artists and without their support it would be a much longer and harder road to attaining a sustainable career.

By donating to and supporting WAM, you are choosing to invest in the future of WA artists. Your support will allow WAM to continue providing opportunities for WA artists of all levels to grow their artistic careers. You never know – the next Grammy Award winning artist could very well be from WA, and your donation could be the very reason they were recognised.

Thank you WAM

Karin Page

By making a tax deductible donation today you’ll be helping change the lives of artists like Karin.

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