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LAUNCHPAD: WA’s best guide for local launches_til Sep29

13 Sep

There’s constantly a heap of sweet new tunes coming out of WA, and LaunchPad is here to fill you in on the latest single, video, EP and album launches from local acts of all genres over the next fortnight…



Oz reggae band Dilip n the DAVs will launch a new music video for their song “Hold On” on Thursday 15 September at Mojos with supporting acts iOm, The Afterthoughts and Yokal Alpheus Meagethen. moreinfo

Aussie rock band Squeeze The Pig will launch their album “Lager than Life” on Friday 16 September at The Bassendean Hotel, with supporting acts Dirtwater Bloom, The Secret Buttons and Cavalier.moreinfo

5-piece Metal band Tempest Rising will launch their single and video for ‘A Part of Me’ on Friday 16 September at
Badlands Bar, with supporting acts Tusk, Pyromesh and Old Devil.moreinfo

► Hardcore metal band Aveira Skies will launch their new single ‘Utopia’ on Friday 16 at Amplifier Capitol and  Saturday 17 September at YMCA HQ, with supporting acts PledgeThis! and Atlantic. moreinfo

►Fave pop trio from the past, Sugar Army have returned to release their new album ‘BEAST’ on Saturday 17 September at Badlands Bar, with supporting acts Gunns, Human Buoy, Leopard, Lake and DJ Ca$h McLean. moreinfo

►Indie rock band The Midnight Mules will launch their music video for their single ‘Still Here’  Saturday 17 September at The Herdsman Lake-Tavern, with supporting acts Russell Thompson, Silence For Starters, The Methamphetaqueens and Vida Cain. moreinfo

 Garage rock band and previous Big Splash winners Hideous Sun Demon will release their new single Bad Girlon their upcoming Australian tour on Saturday 17 September at The Odd Fellow, with supporting act POW Negro. moreinfo

Ecological electroswing Formidable Vegetable Sound System release their new single and music video “KIMCHI” during multiple shows including Wednesday 21 September at Hannans Club Kalgoorlie, Saturday 24 September at The Red Mill Store Bunbury, Sunday 25 September at Food For Thought Festival Cranbrook and Sunday 2 October at Swan Valley Adventure Centre.moreinfo

Electronic solo artist Lower Spectrum will release his new single ‘Atlas’ on Thursday 22 September at The Bird, with supporting acts.moreinfo

► Country, blues four-piece Savanah & the Strays will launch their new single No Place Like Home Friday 23 September at The Sixty30, with supporting acts Blake Lockett, WABISABI and Leoh. moreinfo

► Eskimo Joe front man and award-winning songwriter Kav Temperley will release his debut solo release ‘Hope Street’ EP on Friday 23  at Jimmy’s Den and Saturday 24 September at Clancy’s Fish Pub, with supporting act Lucy Peach. moreinfo

 Doom rock band PUCK will launch their EP ‘Dead To The World’ on Friday 30 September at Badlands Bar, with supporting acts to be announced.moreinfo

 ►Post punk band DIY Rainclouds will launch their EP ‘Prevention’ on Friday 30 September at YMCA HQ, with supporting acts Cloning the Mammoth, Moth and Deli Days.moreinfo

►Rockers Imperials launch their debut EP  ‘Get Off On The Ride’ on Friday 7 October September at the Capitol, with supporting acts Odlaw, Buzz Aldrin and the Second Best and The Slippery Gypsies.moreinfo

Rebellious surf rockers Caravãna Sun will perform their new single ‘Open Up’ which will setup their upcoming LP ‘Guerrilla Club’ on Saturday 8 October at the Fremantle Arts Centre, with supporting act Michael Trisca.moreinfo

►Anomalous rock bandits Bats will release their new EP Saturday 8 October at Bar459, with supporting acts Pat Chow, The Nectars and Joe Bludge. moreinfo

Rock band Vida Cain will launch their new album ‘Yeah Nah’ on Friday 14 October Badlands Bar, with supporting acts The Caballeros, Liam Naughton, The Educators and more. moreinfo

Pop rock band Gold Suns will release their debut EP ‘Shades’ on Friday 21 October at The Odd Fellow, with supporting acts Michael Savage Band, Moonlight Wranglers and Jeff Strong.moreinfo

Hip hop artist Drapht will be on his SEVEN MIRRORS ALBUM TOUR‘ he will be playing on Friday 21 October at The Prince Of Wales Hotel and Saturday 22 October at the Capitol, with supporting acts Dylan Joel and Marksman Lloyd.moreinfo

►Neo soul artist Vanessa Hopes will launch her debut album ‘FREE’ on Friday 28 October at The Game Sports Bar, with supporting acts Beni Bjah, Jamahl Ryder, Traditional, Cortext, Phil Bartlett – Bartlett Brothers and Rhys Tito.  moreinfo

 Singer-songwriter Abbe May will be performing her new album ‘Doomsday Clock’  on her Doomsday Clock Tour on Friday 16 December at Jack Rabbit Slims, supporting acts to be announced. moreinfo


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